Graduates of AV

by Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice “My plans after graduation is to go to college at KCC, play college soccer for them as well as work when I’m not busy with school or soccer. I want to go into marketing, but I am starting out with my general studies.  The college I’ll be attending is Kansas […]


Senior Signing Ceremony Highlights

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice … [Read More...]

Last days of school

by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice Alta Vista is in its last days of school until summer vacation, some of the student are happy it's finally over and get to really know what sleep is, while others are … [Read More...]

Prom King and Queen 2018

by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice … [Read More...]


Taking on Trump’s tweets

by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice “I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” – A direct quote from Donald Trump’s twitter that he posted on 9/11, meaning no good and doing no good to readers, especially those affected by the tragic events […]

Kanye was wrong.

by Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice Kanye West is an American rapper who made the wrong decision in life and disappointed much of the world.   On Twitter he posted something telling people that he is on Donald Trump’s side. The whole Twitter world either didn’t loved it or loved it. The thing that people (many […]

Graduation Q & A with Jesly Damian

by Lilianna Flores, Aztec Voice How do you feel about graduation ? I feel great a bit nervous. I mean, damn, four years of high school and now I’m taking a big step towards the adult world. Are you ready to graduate ? Yes, I am. I can’t wait to get my diploma and leave […]


Snapshots of prom

by Roberto Gomez, Aztec Voice

Mariachi band plays some funky tunes in this blazing sun.

Coming together for Cinco de Mayo

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice