Election reactions

Alex Guzman, Aztec Voice You could hear a pin drop. FOX 4 News announced the newly elected President of the United States: Donald Trump. Students’ jaws dropped in dismay. Social media was in an uproar with protesters and other families in the nation expressing their feelings. On Nov. 8, our new President of the United […]


Anticipating the first AV Talent Show

Jahvoan Galbearth, Aztec Voice The Alta Vista Aztecs are hosting their first talent show in AV history. Staff and students are looking forward to this event that will take place Friday, Nov. 18. This … [Read More...]

The secret residents of Alta Vista

Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice This week the teachers were being really strict about having food in the classrooms and even taking food out from the cafeteria. It was because in the school there was a … [Read More...]

Ready for Thanksgiving break

Kevin Castillo, Aztec Voice Usually in November there is a long-awaited school vacation. Students are eagerly waiting not only to get a break off of school, but also to grub on the Thanksgiving dinner … [Read More...]


Conditioning the basketball team for greatness

Ali Flores, Aztec Voice Here we go again! Alta Vista High School is starting basketball tryouts and games, but the most important thing is conditioning for the season. This year there are about 15 students in conditioning from all grades, and they are working hard to get a spot on the team. Many students from […]

KU basketball kicks off the season

Brandon Bowman, Aztec Voice As University of Kansas sophomore Carlton Bragg, Jr., goes up for the dunk, the crowd gets silent. It seems like he is in the air for hours and hours. When he finishes the dunk the crowd goes in an uproar!!! It was a sight to be seen. On Oct. 1 the […]


Aztecs talk about police brutality

Opinion Column Ali Flores, Aztec Voice It’s a very interesting topic to talk about when it comes to police brutality. It may not look like it’s happening around us, but it is, and it’s getting mostly out of control in some states. Something that shocked the nation, including the kids from Alta Vista, was when […]

American or Alien? Finding a balance on immigrant perceptions

Many undocumented people are thought of as either illegals or legals. This should not be the case; people who emigrate from other places, mainly Mexicans should not be called illegal but hard working people looking for a better future. People either call immigrants Americans in the making or aliens that can easily be deported. We […]


Teachers and students flew, and mustaches ran amok as the game intensified.

Intensity and amusement fill the Aztec Showdown

Sophomore Carl Chatman-Molina tips the ball toward the boys' team.

Our team is what? Dynamite!

On Thursday, March 6, the Alta Vista High School girls’ and boys’ basketball teams played teams of AV staff members. The female staff members beat the Lady Aztecs by two points, but the boys’ team beat the male staff members handily. The game also features $100 half-court shot contests and a half-time performance to Michael […]