Even without support ‘give it your best’, a mother’s reflection on immigrating to America


Photo from http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/KANSAS CITY, MO — The challenges and opportunities one goes through for the security of others to be well, Teresa Gonzalez Crossed the Border at a young age.

At age 22 Teresa Gonzalez went through some challenges to get to the United States to help her family in Guadalajara, Jalisco. “Some Challenges that I went through immigrating to the US were that the first time that I came it was hard.” Teresa said. “I came with my mom and they did not give us the permit at the border, so we crossed the border illegally walking with a guy who knew some ways to get across.” As she says she felt that she had to, without caring why her mom was bringing her.

Migrating the date of December 18, 1978, as she was migrating with her mom to the land of opportunities to help the family in Mexico she sets standards to believe she will make it without getting caught.

The land of opportunities known as the United States has come a long way as people try more and more to come to the United States for that perpetual life that holds benefits. “I believe that people do come to the United States for more opportunities and I gained that I have more possibilities to help my family in Mexico when they need it” Teresa said.

Teresa was set for difficult changes as she was coming from Mexico. “It was hard getting use to the US because in Mexico there are different style of life and different climates.”

The thought of not knowing what to expect coming with no idea what the United  States was like but trusting her mother.

“The weather was not too cold not too hot, we walked for four hours hiding from immigration and hiding from helicopters above us.” Teresa said. The apprehensive moment of getting caught and being sent back to Mexico after the long way she walked.

The breathing air was dry as Teresa and Her mother were walking with the man who was going to bring them to the United States.

The United States was not fit for everyone but that did not stop Teresa And her Mom for what they came for. She did not regret coming to the United States.

“More jobs were offered to me as I grew up and I was always up for learning something new.” Teresa said. She always set her mind for positive opportunities and hopes the best of it all. She saw herself different from other girls, as she grew up she would be working and not hanging out.

As days progressed more and more in the United States Teresa learned more about the holidays and cultural beliefs considering that they were going to stay in America as a permanent home for her benefits, and for her to have a better life ahead of her than what she had in Mexico.

Teresa said one thing that was different from in Mexico was the people. People in Mexico are more welcoming.

Teresa soon got into the role of education her mother was the only one supporting her. As for her family back in Mexico they just wanted for her to work like everyone else. But that didn’t stop her she gradually got her G.E.D soon after that. “I feel so accomplished.” Teresa said.

More and more doors were opening for Teresa and her family came around and felt very happy for her after all the doubts of her not being able to make it.

“It doesn’t matter if you come from a background with no support give it your best.” Teresa said.


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