Senior mentorship program enters second year

Senior Elsa Cardenas enjoys a catered lunch with her mentor, Kristin Werp.

Senior Elsa Cardenas enjoys a catered lunch with her mentor, Kristin Werp.

Abby Moreno, Conexión Azteca

Seniors have a whole school year ahead of them before they take off in their lives. Since they are still learning how to set their futures by going to college, Alta Vista has provided them mentors as guides to work with each individual student and work.

“I like the mentorship program because senior seminar doesn’t cover how to handle the emotions that come with finishing high school,” senior Kathy Ayala said. She and her mentor, speech teacher Jordan Johnson, plan on meeting each others’ families. Johnson would like to talk with her parents about opportunities for Ayala’s future.

“I feel like one’s mentor becomes more of a friend, and that’s such a comforting feeling,” Ayala said.

Seniors chose their mentors by taking a survey and ranking their top administrators and vice versa. “I analyzed those and made the matches,” Data and Systems Analyst Nathania Cha said. During Spirit Week, on “Wacky-Tacky Wednesday,” seniors stayed after school and played a matching game to find their assigned mentors.

“Mentorships can become life-long relationships,” Cha said. “[They] are just another caring person that is willing to help and guide the mentee when needed.”

“The point of having a mentor is to have someone to talk to not only about college and school but for personal things as well,” Ayala said. “I know me and Johnson are gonna get along fine.”


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