Homecoming pleases dancers and planners

Senior Mariela Celaya mans the front door with Ms. Werp.

Senior Mariela Celaya mans the front door with Ms. Werp.

Abby Moreno, Conexión Azteca

Alta Vista had its third annual homecoming dance on September 26. One-third of the school came to dance the night away. After a week if showing pep and school spirit, students were awarded with a dance planned by senior Mariela Celaya and language arts teacher Kirsten Werp.

“[Ms. Werp and I] basically took a day to plan the whole thing,” Celaya said. “I’m glad it turned out alright!”

During that whole day, Celaya and Werp came up with the theme “All That Glitters is Gold.” They decided to charge tickets $4 before the event and $5 dollars at entry.

During the dance, DJ Luis played a mix of many different song genres to entertain the crowd. Among the crowd at the dance was junior Maria Marquez.

“I was glad I was able to dance with some of my friends,” Marquez said. “I just wish more people could have came.”

Junior Elissa Thlocco also attended the dance. She said she loved the clever theme and the amazing decor. [Ask for decor]

“It was a great opportunity to hang out with my friends and to just have fun,” Elissa Thlocco said. “It was a great way to start off the year along with Spirit Week.”

Her younger sister, sophomore Lorena Thlocco, also turned up (or popped up) as well and said she enjoyed it. “It was fun, I had an amazing time! I danced so much, my feet hurt the next day!”

Many people said that they had fun, but they say more people should have come.

“We were hoping to get more people to come, but it’s only the beginning.” Celaya said. “People will warm up to the school and hopefully they’ll come next time.”


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