Volleyball sees profound improvement

Senior Mariel Fierro sets the ball while playing Cristo Rey on Oct. 9.

Senior Mariel Fierro sets the ball while playing Cristo Rey on Oct. 9.

Martin Munoz, Conexión Azteca

Better hitting, better focus… just better overall.  According to Alta Vista’s volleyball coach, Teresa Rodriguez, these are ways the team has improved from last year, and players agree.

“The team is bonding more than last year. We knew going in what we had to improve on, since there was the same amount of people in the team,” said Alta Vista senior and volleyball player Angelica Rosales.

The volleyball team is playing better than last year, winning many more games.

“We have only lost two or three games this year, unlike last year [when]we only won one game and lost all the others,” Rosales said.

There have been also some changes to team

“The team actually has to show up to practice, and if you are not truly committed to the team, you are kicked out,” senior Mariel Fierro said.

“We are actually focusing more on the stuff we need to improve on, like at first there [were] some girls who didn’t know how to serve, so we spent about 10 minutes at the beginning of practice each day; now every girl knows how to,” Rosales said.

However the team has not changed much in numbers

“There were a lot of girls at first, but they got kicked out of the team because of commitment,” Rosales said.

“We did have an increase; however, we had to let those girls go because of commitment, so we asked [them] to try out for next year,” Rodriguez said

The girls feel great being on the team.

“It feels good being in the team because it does. I don’t know why,” Fierro said.

“It’s great being in the volleyball team. Everyone gets along. It feels better than being in any other team,” Rosales said.



  1. Great article, Martin!

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