Sophomores ‘rock’ finals week

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Ms. Giesler, Conexión Azteca

This is the test. Focus. Deep breath. Ponder your next move.

Rock, paper or scissors?

While other students studied for finals or recovered from our surprise snow day, the sophomores at Alta Vista competed in a grade-wide Rock Paper Scissors tournament on Friday.

After enjoying a doughnut and watching the mockumentary Farkeling, the students headed to the gym, where math teacher Mr. Marrs defeated the other sophomore advisers in a lightning round. The sophomores then competed in qualifying rounds within their advisories. The winner in each advisory received a dress-down pass and advanced to the next round.

The victors’ bracket featured Marrs and sophomores Yosil Cano, Alex Chavira, Lesly Gachuz, Alondra Hernandez, Monica Meneses, Irlanda Regalado and Lorena Thlocco. They faced each other in the center of the gym, playing two at a time; the players who won two out of three challenges continued on to the semifinals.

As the sophomores circled around their victors, Cano and Thlocco advanced to the championship round. Thlocco gave Cano a challenge, but Cano won in the end. She earned dress-down passes for her whole advisory, as well as a gift card to QuikTrip for herself.

Language arts teacher Ms. Laird asked Cano where she plans to take these skills next.

“I’m going to QuikTrip,” Cano replied.



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