Attack of the Aztecs

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Andy Lagunes, Conexión Azteca reporter

“I enjoyed the assembly – I just felt like the seniors cheated. I enjoyed watching the dance [and] the way the gym was divided by class. I liked some of the music they played; they need to play better music.” Maylen Hernandez, junior

“It was pretty cool and fun; there was a lot of school spirit – Class of 2016! I also like how the teachers got into it and the whole school was pumped.” Abigail Contreras, senior

“It was exciting and fun, and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching people throw balls at other people. It was funny.” Rocio Alonzo, junior

“I like how it was very student driven, and there was a lot of students participating, rather than teachers talking and bringing in guest speakers.” Isao Osuga, math teacher

“It was pretty cool, and it was pumped up. I also got to dance, and it was pretty scary.” Maricela Molina, junior

“It was alright.” Liliana Carmona, junior

“I liked it when a student got hit in the face with the dodgeball.” Greg Brenner, social studies teacher

“It was garbage, it was terrible, and it should never be done again. It was a waste of time that should’ve been use for a productive thing.” Hector Reyes, junior

“It was the best one we’ve had yet, but it was alright.” Omar Correa, junior

“It was amazing to see the involvement of the student body. Alta Vista rocks!!!” Luis Posada, math teacher


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