Sandwich horror

Madhavi Madrid, Conexión Azteca

Update: The AV kitchen is up and running, serving hot lunches every day now.

Sophomore Laddiel Montejo

Sophomore Laddiel Montejo

Freshman Ana Gutierrez

Freshman Ana Gutierrez

Sophomore Roxana Rodriguez

Sophomore Roxana Rodriguez

Since the beginning of the school year, we have had a sandwich for lunch

every day due to the health inspector being ill and not showing up to inspect the kitchen. Students aren’t happy about the lunches that we’ve been having. 

“They should get rid of it, except the Oreos, or they should add pizza in the lunches,” sophomore Laddiel Montejo said.

“It’s nasty, and it’s getting boring. The vegetables aren’t fresh – like sometimes when I open the bag, there’s some brown stuff on [the vegetables],” freshman Ana Gutierrez said.

“They suck, and they smell; they try to feed us, and they fail,” sophomore

Roxana Rodriguez said.

However, Principal Ed Mendez said that the inspection happened last Thursday. The terrible sandwich attack of 2015 is coming to an end.


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