Juniors chant to build community

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Mary Aguirre, Conexión Azteca reporter

All the juniors entered in the gym. We were all confused about what was happening, and the teachers called each group to their own advisory to make up a chant.

During the chant the teachers and the students went up first.

“I think the chants were okay,” said math teacher and junior adviser Ryan Marrs, “but a lot of students were afraid to put themselves out there, so the chants most teams came up with were kind of dull. It was interesting to see a chant-off between the different advisories, though. I think it would’ve gone better if the teams had more time during advisory during the previous week to figure out a chant.”

Everyone seemed to be laid back, not fully into the chant as the teachers were. It was pretty early in the morning, so everyone was not really participating.

“It was stupid,” junior Diana Silva said. “It was boring.”

The teachers’ group stood out more than any of the students, but some students, like junior Maylen Hernandez, thought they wished they could have done better.

“Yeah sure, Laird’s group was not the best,” Hernandez argued, “but was pretty good. But [the chant-off] was okay; it would of been better if they gave us more time to actually get ourselves organized.”

As people were standing in the gym, watching the chant-off, they could see smiling faces, laughing at the groups, people gossiping and people being friendly. Lastly, the group against the teachers have fully got turned down, they didn’t have a chance because the teachers had a better chant and were more loud than the students, who didn’t have good yelling voices or a good enough chant.

“Well our group won best,” Marrs said.


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