Uniforms remain controversial at AV

Andy Lagunes, Conexión Azteca reporter


The question is, why do schools have uniforms? What is the purpose of uniforms?

Some may say schools have uniforms because they help everyone blend in and fit in with everyone. The purpose of uniforms often is to have people looking professional and look nice.

For some at Alta Vista, it is a different story.

Junior Maylen Hernandez said she did not like the uniform idea.

“I think wearing everything, including the sweater, [with] the school logo is stupid. We should be at least able to wear the sweater we want to express ourselves. I also feel like it is expensive. We already have to pay for shirts and sweaters too! It is too much money. When it is winter, we have to wear the uniform sweater that is not even warm enough for us, so we basically have to freeze outside.”

Hernandez said she does not mind the uniform; she just doesn’t like that the school is making us wear a school sweater as well. Senior Josh Rubio agreed with some of Hernandez’s views.

“You inspire us to find our future, our careers or ourselves,” Rubio said, “yet we have to remain uniform and bland.”

The new vice principal, Devon Teran, said he does not think the uniform is necessary, but he said he wants to go with what the staff decided in a meeting before he arrived here.

“A uniform causes less bullying and lets everyone fit in,” Teran. “Students seem to work well in uniform and without.”

As people can see, students have a different point of view than the staff.


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