Aztecs to receive new uniforms

As part of the rebranding process, Alta Vista adopted a new mascot in August.

As part of the rebranding process, Alta Vista adopted a new mascot in August.

Jesus Gomez, Aztec Voice

Throughout the first few weeks of school, we’ve been hearing about this new uniform; as of this publication, we haven’t seen it or heard much. You may be wondering what’s new,  so here is some information.

To start off, we are getting a new logo. The new logo is a big change: not only will we have the new name, but we also will have a more animated picture. There will also be new uniforms for the teachers that consist of new names and logos; it’s nothing like we’ve seen in the past years for AV. It could be a good change, although it will take some getting used to .

Math teacher Jenny Prater is one of the new teachers this year.

“I love uniforms, especially this one, and I believe that fashion has a big part in school,” Prater said. “It can show your personality, although I do think that the Virgin Mary without a face is pretty weird. I do think it will be a good change.

“Even though it’s my first year in the AV community, I think change was good. It really showed me the importance of the community.

“I remember going to copy machine and seeing a lot of papers that talked about fighting the new name, and well, I think that shows how much the students care about keeping the community strong, which inspired myself to fight and become a part of this community,” she said.

“Again I think that uniform is a great thing; the school I came from didn’t have any types of dress codes, and well, that created many many problems. I think it’s necessary,” Prater said.

Sophomore Anthony Silva had another perspective.

“I think the uniform logo looks pretty interesting, but it’s also difficult to get used to, especially after having the simple Aztec logo for so many years.,” he said.

“Yes I think we should be able to dress down; it truly shows us who we are, and I think that’s a good thing,” Silva said.

“I think it’s a good decision. I mean they don’t have to wear it all the time, but it will bring better changes, and I think they should be mandatory everyday,” he said.

Sophomore Janae Galbearth started to talk about the problems.

“I think having to wear the uniform is pretty stupid, but I think the uniform is pretty cool. I like the Aztec logo,” Galbearth said.

“I would make them black [with the] Aztec symbol white, and white t-shirts too. I would also add a collection of sweaters,” she said. “It’s pretty cool… I also think teachers should wear it way more often.”  

“I think the uniforms are pretty good,” said junior Alex Gloria. “I don’t think it really matters – it’s a uniform, plus it’s free. I think [there] should be way more dress downs. It shows us people’s personalities. I would say that the teachers should wear their uniform way more often.”


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