Concerns on the bus


Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice

The buses this year are a big problem. Some students decided to drive to school because the buses were so packed. Students say that we high schoolers should get picked up first, then the middle schoolers.

“I believe that the high schoolers should be picked up first on the afternoon,” junior Sinai Gomez said, “because, well, first we are older than the middle schoolers, so we should be more privileged. The next thing is the middle schoolers go all the way at the back of the bus, and I’ve always been told at every school I’ve been to that younger kids should go in the front of the bus, because if something happens, they should be able to get out first.”

We talked to students who take the bus: How do you feel about the bus change this year? What would you change about the buses? Do you think it’s better to drive to school or to take the bus? Why?

“What I feel about the bus change,” junior Cindy Vega said, “it’s that at the same time I like it and dislike it, because when we get off school, they go straight to dropping us off at our house other than having to wait so long to pick up the middle schoolers. But what I dislike is how there are no seats sometimes because the middle schoolers take them all. Something that I would change about the buses is for them to be more consistent on time and to not change bus drivers all the time, because either they are late or don’t pick us up at all when it’s a new bus driver all the time. I think it’s better to drive to school because that way you have your own time. You don’t have to struggle to look for a seat, and it would be faster to get to school and get home.”

“It’s better because we get to school on time,” freshman Alejandra Muños said. “I’ll drive to school and also take the bus, because if I drive I’ll have to put gas all the time. But I’ll have more time to myself on the mornings and have time to go get some breakfast. One thing I [would] change is that we get picked up first, because the middle schoolers take over the seats, and we have to sit with one of them, and I will want to sit with my friend, not someone I don’t know.”

The pros of taking the bus are since you have your hands and feet not occupied, you are free to do your homework, read a book, use your phone and can also take a nap. Lots of people ride the bus daily; you can get the opportunity to meet new people and make a friendship with some of the students, and it’s less stressful if you’re stuck on traffic jam because you can talk to the person next to you or listen to music.

The cons of taking the bus are that with so many people sharing a confined space and some of them actually staring at you, you have no privacy on the bus. You cannot talk or whisper without attracting several people looking at you.


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