‘I feel the earth move under my feet’

earthquake-trail-1538428Anthony Alonzo, Aztec Voice

(story title courtesy of Carole King)

Did you feel that? Yes, we had tremors last week in the Kansas City area. For many it was a shock, and others were completely unaware about what had happened.

Now, many may be wondering what was the caused the tremors here in Kansas City. According to a statement released on the Fox 4 website, the tremors where the aftermath of a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that happened in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

To put things into perspective, Pawnee, Oklahoma, is located approximately 200 miles from the downtown Kansas City area. This means that the tremors not only reached Kansas City, but they reached a vast amount of other locations within the 200-mile radius.

For the residents in Pawnee, there should be some concern. According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), there was an estimated of fewer than 10 fatalities, compared to the total population of 2,000. Aside form the fatalities, there is also an estimated of $10 million in damages that will need to covered by the state of Oklahoma.

Having only experienced the small tremors in Kansas City, it is expected that there be minor damages to buildings, but for individuals this will be one of the most memorable events in Kansas City (until the Royals become world champions once again).

For senior Maylen Hernandez, it was a wake-up call:

“I was asleep, and I felt the ground shake, and that woke me up,” she said. “I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening.”

Senior Rocio Alonzo also had a similar experience.

“I was in the car waiting for my mom, and I then felt the ground moving,” Alonzo said. “I thought it the old man next to the car because he was mad for some reason.”

After having experience such a shocking event, should there still be concern among the Kansas City residents? Despite being one of the first tremors to have occurred in over a decade, there should not be much concern. Some now are considering to prepare for more tremors in the upcoming future.

“I think that there should be some sort of preparation for the future,” said senior Monica Lagunes. “It’s better to prepare now and not regret not having done anything.”

Kansas City now just has to wait to see what the future has in store for itself.


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