Labor Day adventures

Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice

Labor day went great for some students at Alta Vista. They experienced good things during the weekend. Some of them did the same things, while others went to other states for the weekend. They posted pictures of how much fun they were having on Snapchat and other social media sites.

Freshman Dayana Valverde had a lot of details about what she did on her Labor Day.

“This year’s Labor Day was very different from the others only because me and my family lost someone very special who always did something for Labor Day,” Valverde said. “Me and my sister figured we should be more like our aunt and do something for Labor Day, even though we were sad she wasn’t here. Me and my sister went out to the store bought a lot of stuff, chips, cookies, chicken, candy, Cokes and many more things. We then went to my sister’s friend Misha’s house, and we decided to cook the chicken there and eat everything we bought at her friend’s house.

“While we were eating, me and my sister were telling Misha and her girlfriend Nancy about our aunt: how she was so funny, a great cook, beautiful and everything about her. After we talked about our aunt, we all sat down in the living room and watched the movie ‘Selena,’ which we watched two times because my two nieces and their friend Aileen are obsessed with the movie. After watching the movie, me and my sister went back home and prepared ourselves for the next day; I had to get ready for school and my sister had to ready for work. That’s how I spent my Labor Day,” Valverde said.

Sophomore Wendy Vega talk about her Labor day weekend as well. 

“So for Labor Day I went out with my friends to Worlds of Fun, and we stayed there the whole day. It was really fun because we mostly got on all the rides, and I got on the Mamba with Ashley because she really wanted me to get on it, so I did, but I was really scared and nervous. But once the ride was over I had loved it, and I really wanted to ride it again. It’s not as scary as people think it is. My sister chickened out, but we still had fun. Then we went to a quinceañera, and it was really fun because all my friends were there, and we took lots of pictures, and we danced all night. The Quinceañeras looked really pretty, and I hope they enjoyed their night because I did,” Vega said.

Junior Ashley Buenrostro added to Vega’s story.

“On Labor Day, I went to Worlds of Fun with Cindy, Wendy and Biri,” Buenrostro said. “We all met up at Worlds of Fun at 12:30. It was a hot, sunny day. The first thing we did was ride the Bamboozler – a small ride – before we headed to bigger rides. Then we got in the Patriot, where I almost peed on myself because of Cindy’s face and how she was the only one you heard screaming and laughing. We went to a couple more rides and ate Subway, where I ate a footlong subway and many cookies, but I wanted another subway lol. Then I took Wendy to the Mamba. It was her first time riding it. She was nervous. She tightened my hand, but after the first fall she let go. She loved the ride. I knew she’d like it. Then it was hot, so we decide to go on a ride where we got wet. We left at 7:00. My feet could no longer take it.

“While Cindy and Wendy left, me and Biri went to Target,” she said. “It was such a fun day, especially because of Cindy’s face lololol.”

Junior Adriana Montes went to Omaha, Nebraska, for Labor Day, and said she had a great time.

“Well, this weekend was fun because on Saturday I went to a family party, and I was with my cousins and Tias, and it was really fun!” Montes said. “Well Sunday, I had  to wake up at 6 A.M. to pack and leave [for] Omaha, Nebraska, for two days and well on Sunday we arrived [at] the Henry Doorly Zoo and aquarium at Omaha, Nebraska, and it was raining. I thought the entire day was going to stay like that, but unexpectedly the weather changed, and it was better to be walking around looking at the animals and also to go in the aquarium, which I had an amazing experience looking at animals I didn’t even know existed.

“But after the zoo we left to the hotel because we were tired. We got in the pool… the water was freezing cold, and thanks to that I got sick even more then I was! Lol but after the pool I stayed up late with my family outside in a table by the pool talking. The next day we woke up hella early at 7 because they had told us there was gonna be free breakfast but only from 6-9 ,and well of course who wouldn’t want to miss on free food, and me and my sister woke up almost everyone from the hotel because we were being loud! Also I was so embarrassed because my sisters and brother-in-law kept on getting hella food and people just kept on staring at us like we hadn’t eaten in years. After we got done with breakfast we got ready and left to downtown to a desfile del dia de Labor Day. After that we went to the feria and it was lit, and after the feria we went to a restaurant to eat! And were there for awhile till we decided to go to the mall and check it out. We also went to a bridge by downtown before heading back home, and well my weekend was pretty good because I spend a lot of time with my family,” Montes said.

Everyone had an amazing Labor day weekend based on what these girls said. They did fun and new things that they ended up loving. They saw new things they didn’t know existed. They all mostly spent it with family and friends.


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