Thoughts on STUCO elections


Sophomore Susana Damian ran as one of the candidates for sophomore representatives. Students who were elected into STUCO meet each week in a special advisory with Mr. Beach.

Kevin Castillo, Aztec Voice

Elections were held in August for the Alta Vista Student Council and caused quite a commotion.

Sophomore Alexis Aguilar

“I think it’s good that we have a Student Council, but I feel like it’s gonna be the same like last year where they didn’t do anything. I could be wrong because I see that the nominees are more dedicated. My vote[s] were kind of bias, but at the same time, I liked what they said. I feel that they should fix the lunches and have more dress down days.”

Sophomore Daniela Molina

“The start of a Student Council is smart because the students didn’t have a voice to speak up for students. This year’s Student Council is going to be better because last year’s Student Council wasn’t out there, and they didn’t take it serious. I feel like the Student Council members will try their best because they were passionate about their ideas. I feel like the Student Council should change where the money goes and the school rules.”

Senior Jahvoan Galbearth, Treasurer

“Student Council is a positive and effective way to bring the community together. We are currently setting dates for meetings so we can start change earlier and do better than last year. I feel we should change the number of people in Student Council. I joined [STUCO] because I wasn’t involved in the last three years.”

Jeremy Beach, Student Council sponsor

“Student Council is a great way to give students a voice. Students have great ideas, but sometimes it’s hard for them for to voice those ideas. Student Council is great because it makes the student body into a single voice, making it more likely for their ideas get heard. Absolutely we have a great Student Council this year. I’m very excited to see what they do. We meet during advisory, so it’s a lot more serious, and we had almost 30 run, so we definitely are more excited about Student Council.”


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