AV prepares for Homecoming

Liliana Gonzalez, Aztec Voice

October 14, 2016, is when this year’s Homecoming Dance will be happening at AV.

Homecoming is an event that happens at schools every year, usually revolving around an event like a soccer game, a basketball game, etc., with a formal dance following after the game. The event often takes place around late September and October.

Students around the school are talking about Homecoming: asking each other to be their dates, planning on going to the dance with friends and planning to go shopping with friends to pick the perfect outfit for the night.

Students and teachers are still waiting to hear the theme of this year’s Homecoming.

“I feel like there wouldn’t be anything to do because I would probably just stand around,” sophomore Jaleeyah Anderson said. “But I do think Homecoming is a fun way to hang out with your friends and have a good time.

“I think Homecoming is a good thing to have around schools because it gets your mind off of the stress of homework and classes,” Anderson also said when asked on whether she thinks Homecoming is a good thing for the school to have.

When sophomore Karli Hernandez was asked if she thought that this experience would bring students closer together, she responded, “Well, I think it’ll bring students together in the moment, like they’ll dance together if they aren’t shy and talk, but I don’t think it’ll bring them together all year.”

Hernandez also stated, “I think the school has Homecoming because they want students to get together and have fun.”

“I think Homecoming is a good thing to throw for our school,” replied sophomore Susana Damian, “because it gets people pumped up because of the home game, and it’s a very fun way to hype people up – you know people go there and they have fun and dance, so I think it’s a good thing,” when asked if she thought that Homecoming was a good thing for the school to have.

Damian also responded, “I think Homecoming is fun, and it’s fun because you go there and you dance, you have fun and forget about certain stuff, you focus on dancing and you’re there with your friends, which makes it even more fun. Yes, I will be attending Homecoming because I love to dance! And I feel like it’s a very exciting event and it’s interesting, and you get to enjoy it with your friends.”



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