Aztecs at the K

Jahvoan Galbearth, Aztec Voice

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The baseball team went on a field trip to the Kauffman Stadium to watch the Royals’ batting practice, interview the general manager and watch the game on Sept. 15.

This opportunity was good for multiple students because they got to see things that most Kansas City Royals fans will never get to see or experience. The team also got to eat dinner in the suites with the general manager, Dayton Moore.

Senior Prince Herrera, the right fielder for Alta Vista, said, “This experience was one of a kind, from the food to the players and the sights that we saw during the tour.”

He was also asked if he could do it again, would he? Herrera responded with a firm “yes.”

Senior Cristian Casillas said, “It was an experience that a lot of people will not get to see, so we should all be thankful for being able to participate in this event.”

He was asked what was his favorite part of being on the field trip; he responded by saying, “Being able to interview the GM and asking him questions in the interview room.”

The team got time to bond and have fun with each other throughout the whole trip, from the time they were in the car ride to the time they were on their way home. The coaches even landed a spot playing in the new baseball field being built across the street from Alta Vista High School.

“This experience brings the team together as a family so they can bond on and off the field,” baseball coach Justin Hartmann said. The team expressed that they cannot wait to have another good day at the K.


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