MINDDRIVE guides students

minddrive_logo_blackDaniel Espitia Cuellar, Aztec Voice

MINDDRIVE is a program that works to “inspire students to learn through mentoring and project based learning,” according to its mission statement.

From what language arts teacher Emma Hall says, they are focused are two sides: a communications side and a technological side.

AV has encouraged the idea of joining by letting MINDDRIVE show and inform what MINDDRIVE is about. Meetings were held in the week of Sept. 19.

We have a few students who have been members and more who are going to enter.

Sophomore Kevin Castillo is one of the many wanting to join. He wants to join because of the “experience” he will get in photography.

He thinks it’ll help students by “giving them experience and letting them meet more people,” he said.

Hall also thinks MINDDRIVE is a good idea.

“It gives real world experience to students, with professional guidance,” she said.

Sophomore Jesus Gomez was member of MINDDRIVE last year. He joined to become more responsible.

“I think MINDDRIVE is a good idea. Before, I was nervous around dangerous and new things, but now I’m easy going with them,” Gomez said.

He advises students to join as it could “help with your resume later in the future, especially with engineering.”

If you are interested, or want more information, visit Hall at the bottom floor by the teachers lounge.


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