Shifting perspectives through art and sports

Ulysses Montoya, Aztec Voice

On Sept. 20, there was a field trip for Michael Coleman’s class where they went to Arrowhead Stadium to look at artwork done by Jose Faus, a well-known artist.

Students went to Arrowhead Stadium not to see people play, but to design abstract artwork. A couple of Chiefs players helped students with their artwork.

A couple of students at AV who went to Arrowhead Stadium gave out their opinions based on the their experience there.

“It changed the way I look at art because you can do more without a paintbrush and water. I liked how we looked at different paintings,” said senior Kaylee Jameson.

Another student, senior Diana Cisneros, said, “It broadened my perspective on different artworks. Creating a group artwork was fun. ”

Coleman, the art teacher, said he wanted his students “to see professional, high quality artwork [and the] art collection they had there, then for students to meet Jose Faus, an artist who is widely known for his colorful community murals.”

This field trip was made possible because the Chiefs organization put this together for Hispanic Heritage Month and invited AV art students.

Many news organizations were there, such as Channel 5 news and Channel 9 news. Click on the link below to find out more information about this event:


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