Students weigh in on mandatory tutoring

Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

Mandatory tutoring has been brought back to Alta Vista after it was taken off last year. As soon as students found out that the school was bringing this back, many had something to say about it.

Two students, senior Aquiles Damian and junior Leonela Montes, were both interviewed on their thoughts about this, and their thoughts were both compared and contrasted to see how different mind sets are.

Their thoughts about tutoring were both similar. They said that it was what we students needed because we have the chance to improve our grades.

“What I think of after school tutoring is that it’s good how we have the opportunity to raise our grades when given the chance,” Damian said. “I think it is good that we have it again because that way, we aren’t failing any classes.”

They were asked if this was a useful thing to bring back. They said yes because that way, they can work on anything that’s missing and help get students to where they need to be.

Their opinion on what should be done differently were both different.

“One thing they should have are snacks,” Montes said, “because students get really hungry after school.”

On the other hand, Damian explained, “Nothing should be done differently because there aren’t many opportunities like these given. Teachers really work hard to help us and take their time.”

Damian gave his opinion what his thoughts are about bringing this back to the school and if it is necessary.

“It is really good that they have this because I can focus on what I need to get better on, along with getting more help than what I already know,” he said.

Montes explained, “I think it was not necessary, but it is really going to help the school focus on the ones that need all the help, and the school will become better as a whole. If the students fail, it shouldn’t be the teacher’s fault because they did the best they could.”

Both had the exact same opinion whether if they think they take it off. They said it should stay on because it is going to help us students, along with the school’s test scores.

This was an important topic because AV students can see the similarities and differences of people’s opinions about mandatory tutoring.


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