Freshmen, sophomores set sights on ACT

act Liliana Gonzalez, Aztec Voice

The American College Testing Program (ACT) a test that is primarily taken in the Mid-West.

The ACT Aspire is used to “measure student progress using the most comprehensive academic guideposts available,” according to the ACT Aspire website.

At Alta Vista, the ACT is something that is taken very seriously and something every student takes, whether it be the ACT Aspire or the real ACT.

Two weeks ago, the freshman and sophomores felt stressed as they took the ACT Aspire. Though it is a stressful thing to take, it is a good thing because your score is what colleges look at, and for freshmen and sophomores, the Aspire is an opportunity to prepare for the real thing.

Sophomore Erickia Fry was asked if taking the ACT Aspire is a good thing, and she responded, “Yes, because it will get us on the track to score high when it’s time to take the actual ACT.”

Fry was also asked how she thinks the Aspire helps students prepare for the actual ACT, to which she responded, “It will give me a feel for how the questions are going to be constructed and what we don’t know. We can practice so we’ll know come time for the actual test.”

Sophomore Dailys Montejo was asked how she thought this would help her prepare for the real thing, and she responded, “In my opinion, I think it kind helps, but at the same time, I feel like it doesn’t. There will be questions that people don’t understand, which makes the grade go lower, but if [you] study and practice each day, you can understand the questions.”

Montejo also responded, “But, I do think this helps you prepare for the real thing because you can memorize what will be on the real one, and if you do, then it will help in the future for college and all.”



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