Socializing at Alta Vista

Selena Aguilera, Aztec Voicepaper-people-1316581

When you’re in elementary school, for most it’s easy to just play with your classmates and make friends with those you have a common interest with or whoever is willing to play tag with you.

In middle school, we start entering that time in our lives where we are trying to find out who we are and work on the person we want to be. Some people made friends with people who helped develop their personality, and others taught them lessons.

But then comes high school: the social status changes. It can be both good and bad. Not everyone is the same, so we all have our own unique ways to see things. And as young adults, how do we manage to socialize at Alta Vista?

Some students don’t feel like we socialize as much and our community has work to do before we can call ourselves “united.”

“I feel like we are categorized. It’s like a movie type; the jocks hang out with one another, and the college course students stick together,” said junior Dalton Flores.

And others don’t believe we are as united as some say we are.

“I think people just talk to those who are close them, and we don’t make any type of effort to talk to someone new. And it depends on those people if they want to go talk to someone else,” said senior Michaela Hernandez.

It looks like our AV community isn’t as united as we try to be. But then again, when it comes to high school, it’s really hard to socialize with others, especially when the friends’ influence is part of the reason for this division.

So now the question is, how do we unite our community? From what the student’s have already said, it is not something we can do with pep rallies and assemblies. It is something we must all do on our own accord. We are the community, so as the community, we decide whether to act like one or not.

But there is hope.


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