Discovering an entrepreneurial spirit

img_8076Jessica Caro, Aztec Voice

Last month, 15 students from Katie Kimbrell’s community leadership class took a trip to Techweek Kansas City to learn about different entrepreneurs. They got to learn about many different companies, apps and other businesses.

Students were given a bingo card to complete with questions to ask or things to look for while there. The questions were made specifically to get more information from the entrepreneurs and to learn more about what it takes to start a company.

Students were able to use a gaming headset that turns video games into virtual reality and also try out new things.

Students walked around, exploring and learning about how companies started and how they plan on expanding.

“It was nice to get to know about new companies and how they started,” said junior Damian Lopez.

Students were also able to ask questions of whatever they wanted to know about and learned about new things.

“I liked being able to experience being around a lot of business people and getting to know what they do with their businesses,” sophomore Jacqueline Perez said.

In the end, students left the event with more knowledge about entrepreneurs and companies.


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