AV Bus Chronicles

busline-1257316Kevin Castillo, Aztec Voice

You wake up at 7:00, get ready for school and head towards your bus stop. You make it right on time, 7:15. It’s cold outside, and you can’t wait to get on your bus. You’re waiting, and time is passing by. 7:20, 7:30, 7:40. The bus never gets there.

Buses have been skipping stops lately and leaving students behind, making them run the risk of being late.

This isn’t a regular thing, but it happens to them in the morning of a school day.

Sophomore Daniel Espitia is a student who was left at his bus stop on a Monday.

“Knowing that I have been left behind makes me upset and angry. I texted one of my peers asking them if the bus has picked them up after waiting for 30 minutes, and they answered yes. That’s absurd!” Espitia said.

Sophomore Jesus Gomez waited a long time for the bus at his stop.

“I was eager to get to school!” Gomez said. “I got to my bus stop early, and the bus never came! I waited an extra 20 minutes and still nothing.”

Freshman Alex Guzman missed the bus but was lucky enough to get a ride by a good Samaritan.

“I got to my stop early, eager and ready to start school”Guzman said. “I kept waiting there until I noticed that the other people, who got on my bus across the park I live in front of, left. I decided I wasn’t going to go to school, but a kind neighbor decided to give us a ride to school.”



  1. I know that this is not ideal but if this happens again, call the bus company right away, give them your bus stop info: Bus number, intersection where you are supposed to be picked up and the time that you were scheduled to be picked up. The bus company will send a bus to your home address. First Student number is 816-254-5262. Press 0 for Dispatch. Save this number in your contacts.

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