Conditioning the basketball team for greatness

Ali Flores, Aztec Voice

Here we go again!

Alta Vista High School is starting basketball tryouts and games, but the most important thing is conditioning for the season. This year there are about 15 students in conditioning from all grades, and they are working hard to get a spot on the team.

Many students from AV are really excited for this year’s basketball season, and during the tryout, students were putting a lot of hard work into their workouts. Every time they finish their conditioning, they end it with a team celebration.

Junior Christian Johnson has high hopes for this year’s basketball season.

“My hopes for this basketball season [are] to achieve great things with my team and to win as many games as we can – to at least bring a trophy home – but the conditioning for basketball is really hard because I’ve never seen a coach push his students this hard to achieve [the] real condition they need to have to play a full game.”

The students are determined to be the team that they want to be.

Sophomore Jessica Caro wants “to be better,and to play, because last year I was just a benchwarmer. You have to put in a lot of work because sometimes you may feel like giving up, but you just have to keep trying for your team. I think I need to practice for this year.”

There you go folks: this year the basketball team is not playing around. They mean serious business to bring a trophy home.


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