Not clowning around


Oscar Borjas, Aztec Voice

What happened to clowns that made children smile? The clowns that made children balloon animals at fairs? Now people are terrified of them, and all they want is for clowns to stay safe – and their children to stay safe, as well.

In the year of 201,6 now that halloween is right around the corner, families are worried and want their children home. Police officers have recommended that children stay away from wooded areas.

“I honestly feel paranoid,” sophomore Alexeah Morton said. “I’m scared to walk around at night. I also don’t feel like going trick-or-treating because I won’t know who is a creepy clown or just a regular clown.”

“I never saw clowns being creepy,” sophomore Jaylene Botello said. “I always just saw them as entertainment.”

Many people feel the same way as both of these girls. Police have issued a warning that children should not be out at night and they should not play around or walk around wooded areas, as those are known to have been where the creepy clowns first appeared.

This topic is rather abrupt in the sense that no one really fears clowns. Some people do have a phobia of them, but others do not. When someone sees a clown, they do get shocked, but then they take it as a joke. All this about the clowns is seen as a joke, and two “jokers” are in police custody.

The clown sightings first started in late August as the Halloween season is right around the corner.

“It is stupid that people find this as something they should use as a prank,” said junior Selena Aguilera.

Clown sightings are growing all around the U.S. This a pretty bad prank that can result in people getting hurt. Twelve people have been involved in the clown incidents. Some have been found to have made false claims about clown sightings, and they are in police custody.

Schools in Kansas City are now telling parents about this and that they should be careful of what’s going on around them now very close to home.

“I feel like the little prank went too far, and it is affecting the police force in the manner that they don’t know whether they should take it [as] real or not,” said sophomore Jessica Caro.

This prank went over the edge, and now that Halloween is in a couple of days, there might be many incidents because of this whole clown business.


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