AV celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

img_2213Jesus Gomez, Aztec Voice

It starts all on the 15th of September. It’s known as National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month is all about Hispanic culture and how it has changed the world.

Hispanic Heritage Month acknowledges some important models, for example Cesar Chavez and our ancestors.

It all started around 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week, and President Ronald Reagan extended the celebration in 1988. It was later turned into a law in 1988. Since then the nation has celebrated it each year.

When asked about the importance and the relevance to Hispanic Heritage Month, freshman Jonny Espitia said, “Well it’s cool because I get to celebrate all about the culture, things I didn’t even know about.”

“I also think it’s important because me,” Espitia said. “I come from a Hispanic family, and since we live in the U.S., we forget about all those important traditions. I think they should celebrate it more at schools, because the schools I’ve been in or know about, it’s just another month. There are many important things about this month.”

Alta Vista High School is celebrating and acknowledging the month. AV has done many things. For example, on October 7, AV decided to have a ceremonial Aztec dance. There was also a painting that represented the old Hispanic culture.

“I think the month is amazing,” substitute teacher Glenn Stewart said. “I applaud the month. It creates more awareness and clears stereotypes. It should definitely be in every school; it should be part of a history class. We study a lot about all the different cultures except this one, and…it gives a lot of history and knowledge that kids forget throughout the years. I’ve been to two colleges, and I barely even hear about it.”

“Well, it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge the month to bring the culture out,” former AV student Christian Gomez said. “Hispanic Heritage Month is meant to recognize the contributions that the Hispanic communities have made throughout the centuries.”

“I’m Hispanic myself, and this month helps bring out the lost traditions,” Gomez said. “I think the month should be celebrated more everywhere, PERIOD. It is essential that the children learn about the traditions their ancestors practiced, especially now that they live in a different place.”


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