Dancing the night away at Homecoming

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-28-05-pmAlex Guzman, Aztec Voice

“Ring, Ring, Ring!” The bell has gone off and students start heading to their bus. They get dropped off and start walking back home. An hour passes, and students start getting dressed for  tonight’s Homecoming. Students then come in the building and are instantly sheltered by lights, music, food and groups of other students dancing in the spotlight.

On Oct. 14, students were inviting to hang out at Alta Vista’s Homecoming of 2016.

Students enjoyed this year’s Homecoming.

Freshman Anthony Mendez said, “It was lit. Everybody was dancing and having a good time.”

Rut Martinez, a junior, agreed with Mendez.

“It was awesome. My feet hurt after dancing all night,” said Martinez.

That same night, the AV soccer team and AV volleyball team were fundraising for sport essentials, such as jerseys, shorts, etc.

Many students were not only excited to be at Homecoming, but also to help bring more money for the school sports.

Freshman Ryan Ruano said, “I bought a lot of food at ‘Hoco,’ not just for myself, but for my friends also. My friends were happy, and I also got to benefit the school, which was cool to think about.”


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