Honoring Hispanic heritage

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-05-41-pmKimberly Canales, Aztec Voice

Alta Vista had an assembly at the end of the day on October 7 for Hispanic Heritage Month in the gym. Student musicians performed. Dancers performed a dance that is a traditional Aztec blessing for a new mural. Students were talking about the type of music and when it was made and described it. AV revealed a mural that was made by an artist in Mexico City.

Students had different feelings about the mural that they showed at the assembly.

“I didn’t really care, I already saw it before,” said Madhavi Madrid, a sophomore student.

Most students thought differently about the mural than other students. There are many thoughts that the students could have had about it.

“It was amazingly cool, and I was drawn into it,” said Yovana Garcia, a freshman student.

Most students had different reactions when the folkloric dancers performed.

“At first to be honest I was like what? I’ve never seen anything like that. But it was amazing. It was so intense,” said Isabel Lagunes, a freshman student.

Cheerleaders were dancing to the type of music like bachata, cumbia, ranchera, merengue and salsa. Most of the students thought they did amazing or great when they performed the dances of the Hispanic cultures.

“Yes, high-key fabulous,” said Fernando Lagunes, a junior student.


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