Spirit Week shows growing school pride

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-16-44-pmJahvoan Galbearth, Aztec Voice

Earlier this month, students had an assembly to top off Spirit Week. This included a performance by the cheer squad, the introduction of the soccer and volleyball teams and an activity for four students from each grade level to participate in.

Spirit Week started off with students dressing in their pajamas, then there was nerd day and then you got to wear your class colors. All of this was leading up to the Homecoming dance that happened on Oct. 14.

When asked how she felt about the assembly, junior Sayra Ferman said, “I had fun: I got to perform in front of the school and got to watch other classmates do a funny activity.”

Ferman also said, “The marshmallow race was a good addition to the assembly.”

The end of the assembly included the marshmallow race for the students.

Senior Dimitri Carrillo said, “I had fun with the activity, although every other class but the seniors cheated.”

When asked how he felt about the soccer and volleyball team, senior Omar Correa said, “I’m excited to see the soccer team play. They’re good enough to win every game, and they also may even go to state this year.”

The assembly brought out important dates such as Homecoming and games for both teams.

“I like watching the boys play,” Carrillo said. “They are one of the best teams that Alta Vista has. And them having a chance to go to state will bring more exposure to all teams playing for Alta Vista.”

The school pride has become stronger and stronger every year.

When asked how he felt about the school pride, senior Enrique Sanchez said, “Almost three years ago, AV was just a soccer school. Now, when the basketball or baseball games come up, the school actually is taking interest in those games, and although AV is still a soccer school, the other sports are progressing.”

The volleyball girls are doing great this season.

When asked how he felt about the volleyball season is going, and how he thinks the fans are reacting to the season, junior Marquan Pennington said, “Nobody would really stay for the volleyball games last year, but since a few popular people started going and telling people to go, the games and everybody in attendance has increased.”  


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