Students react to Plaza shooting

Angie Rutiaga, Aztec Voice

On Oct. 15, there was a shooting at the Plaza. Dozens of people ran for cover in stores after someone opened fire. There were only two people shot. The two were rushed to the hospital with no threatening injuries, according to The Kansas City Star.

Witnesses said that they heard about five shots fired near the corner of 47th and Broadway Streets. That day the Plaza was packed by a lot of people, but nothing happened to them. There were only two injured, but they were brought to the hospital, and they said there weren’t any major injuries except that they were shot.

Some of the people who live in Plaza said they did not hear the gunshots and didn’t really know what was going on.

Cindy Vega, a junior at Alta Vista Charter School, said she did not hear the gunshots, but some of her family did.

“No, I did not hear the gunshots, but my mom did, and I was scared for a little, but then she didn’t hear any more, just the sound of police sirens, so she knew it was over. I was in my house when this happened so I was like two blocks away when this occurred,” Cindy said.

Wendy Vega, a sophomore at AV, was not home when this happened. Wendy thinks they shoot just for fun now.

“I think there was a shooting because now people think it’s cool to shoot or to have a gun, and I think they just want to show it off. I feel safe living around the Plaza because not many things happen around here,” Wendy said.

Cindy thinks they shoot because they want to.

“I think there was a shooting because people be pulling guns out for no reason just to be cool and stand out, but never to have an actual reason. I feel safe living by the Plaza because it’s not like Northeast and East where you hear gunshots and all that stuff often, so it’s safe around here, just the people who come and do dumb stuff,” Cindy said.

Biridiana Espinoza, a junior at AV, thinks there are a lot of many people who don’t know what they’re doing.

“I think there was a shooting because there are so many stupid people who don’t have things to do. I do not feel safe [anywhere] because they always are having shootings everywhere. This world is getting worse and worse each day, where now we can’t trust anyone anymore,” Espinoza said.

The mayor of Kansas City, Sly James, is upset about what’s been going on with the shootings. He issued a statement about the shooting.

“Tonight I have mixed emotions,” James wrote. “I’m thankful that the victims from tonight’s shootings are not suffering from life-threatening injuries and that no additional bystanders were hurt. However, I’m angry that gun violence continues to shatter lives in all parts of our city, whether it be on the Plaza or at 44th and Montgall, where I grew up.”


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