AV and the ACT

scanning-test-1243141Isabelle Bohlken, Aztec Voice

The doors were supposed to be open at 6:45 a.m., the students were told. Students huddled by the locked door in the dark chilly morning of October, second-guessing their choice to attend the ACT. Time ticked away until 7 when Principal Ed Mendez arrived to unlock the door. Irritated and cold students flooded the school straight to the cafeteria where drinks and donuts were promised, but they were met with an abandoned, dark building. Mendez shortly rushed in the promised items.

ACT is a nationwide test hat colleges look at. On the morning of Oct. 22, Alta Vista students (juniors and seniors) went to schools like University Academy to take the test.

The highest score you can get on ACT is a 36, but reaching 30 alone can potentially get you full ride scholarships to college.

Students were preparing for ACT with USATestprep. They have been reading in English and history classes. English teachers have also used NoRedInk to prepare the students.

Students also have prepped for ACT with ACT Aspire. The test predicts what you’ll receive on the real ACT. Aspire is taken in the same fashion ACT, so students feel prepared and know what they’re getting into.

You get another chance if you fail this one, but teachers highly recommend you do well on your first time.

The test is about four hours long.

Junior Gabe Cuellar said, “I felt like our Aspires were harder than the actual one. I felt over prepared, aside from the math. I think I scored a five because of the math portion; it was easy aside from the mat. I was aiming for the high 20s.”

“I feel like time went by fast, [so] I need to learn to control it,” junior Oscar Chavira said. “I don’t think I was prepared. I feel like I needed more practice using time wisely and when to skip questions and when to come back. My predicted score was about 18-19, so I’ll go with that on how I did. I think I scored this because I feel like the test went like it did in the practice tests. The ACT didn’t seem too difficult; the main problem was timing.”

Junior Roxana Rodriguez commented, “The ACT was okay. It felt like I was taking the MAP test back in fifth grade, but my whole future depended on what I got. No pressure, right? I didn’t pay attention when we did the ACT sessions. I think I scored about a 17-20; I say that because I didn’t prepare for the test, and I’m not expecting anything above average.”

When confronted with the thought of college with the scores that determine acceptance or not, a lot of students mentioned going to UMKC, since the requirement is 19 and above.

“I say that because I didn’t prepare for the test, and I’m not expecting anything above average,” Rodriguez said. “I want to go to UMKC.”

“Right now I feel like I’ll be going to UMKC,” Cuellar said.

“I haven’t really decided on colleges. I need to look into more and their requirements,” said Chavira.

The advice Rodriguez had was, “It’s not that hard if you study and put in effort.”


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