AV students celebrate Dia de los Muertos


Students played four square as part of a class competition during the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos assembly on Oct. 31.

Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice

At the assembly on Halloween, students and teachers talked about Halloween and Day of the Dead. They also said what the Day of the Dead was and more about it.

First, they had a Halloween costume contest. Many people from different grades went up to compete, but only two could win. They waited until the judges had their answer. The winners for the best costumes were junior Roberto Gomez and senior Juan Marin.  

Sophomore Alejandra Munoz said, “ I really liked their costumes because they were really unique from the other ones.”

Then they talked about what the Day of the Dead was; it’s about gathering your family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. They set up altars to remember the dead, and images of loved ones who have died are placed on the altar.

Everything on an altar has special meaning. Their favorite meals are placed on the altar as offerings. The candles represent fire and are a light guiding them back to visit the land of the living.

The sugar skulls are crafted from pure sugar and given to friends as gifts. The colorful designs represent the vitality of life and individual personality.

Pan de Muertos are baked in the shape of bones and dusted with sugar. They’re also meant to represent the soil.

Everyone learned a lot about the Day of the Dead. We all learned something new or things that we already knew before.

Sophomore Sebastian Rodriguez said, “The assembly went alright for me because some of the things they said about the Dia de los Muertos I already knew, but I also learned why [we] Mexicans celebrate it and what the sugar skulls and other things represent.”

After that was done, they started playing four square. They got two students from each grade to play, and the sophomores took the win.

Sophomore Osiris Herrera said, “ I really enjoyed playing four square. It’s been a really long time since I’ve played, and I had so much fun. It’s also nice that we won. I thought that we were going to lose, but we didn’t. Tito and I played really well.”


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