Checking in on ECP

img_2095Roberto Gomez, Aztec Voice

The Early College Program is a program that takes students who have a high GPA and they can go to college and start their college credits; they can see their life as a college student a little and see how other college students feel about college.

College may seem hard or even boring to do, and in high school, students don’t like to even do school work here, but there are some who do like to do college work. So when people may complain about college, maybe it won’t be so bad – maybe it could be something to look forward to.

“ECP is better than high school,” junior Gabriel Cuellar said.

Or maybe ECP may not feel any different and just it could be as hard or boring, fun, calm or anything, just like college. College is like a place to be an adult, to be free or to be like high school all over again.

“College is a little more pressured,” junior Lucero Lopez said.

College can be a great time to do something new and special, and you or someone can make that time special. You can either do it alone or with some friends or relatives, and college can be for some not for others.

“College is good, and I get to learn new things, and it’s fun while I hang with my friends,” junior Perla Fabian said.


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