How students are faring this year

img_1987Oscar Borjas, Aztec Voice

As you get home you are asked, “How was school?” It is an everyday routine, and it feels good knowing someone is interested in your learning.

“My school year is going pretty good, even though I got in trouble and I got detention” said sophomore Pedro Reyes.

“I don’t attend Alta Vista, but I’ve heard it is pretty similar to my school, which is Wyandotte,” said Ivan Gandara.

“My school year is going pretty good, better than my freshman year as well, so that is pretty good,” said Gandara.  

“I came from a school in Kansas, and AV is a good school, and I am really enjoying my year here,” said junior Byron Juarez.

“I like how AV handles everything and they make sure that we the students stay on track,” said freshman Francisco Diaz.

Many people are enjoying their school year, especially at AV as it works on making sure the students give their best of efforts.

Alta Vista also pushes students forward, and it gives them opportunities to make their grades improve, and that is something great.

Teachers make sure that each student understands the task they are given, and they will help one-on-one to help the students out.

“I really like how they do things here at AV and they make sure everything is on track. There is no teacher who says ‘no’ to helping out their student,” said sophomore Martin Ortiz.


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