Ready for Thanksgiving break

harvest-corn-1464825Kevin Castillo, Aztec Voice

Usually in November there is a long-awaited school vacation. Students are eagerly waiting not only to get a break off of school, but also to grub on the Thanksgiving dinner and to spend time with their family.

Junior Leonela Montes really enjoys her time out of school.

“I eat, because that’s all I do,” Montes said. “I also catch up on my sleep and do things I don’t normally do. I enjoy my time out of school.”

Montes also spends time with her friends and family over break.

“We gather the family together,” she said. “Everyone brings their food, and we have a party. There’s quality time spent with friends and family.”

Sophomore Cristian Guzman takes advantage of his time out of school.

“During this time I spend time with my family. I enjoy it because I work and get money,” Guzman said.

Guzman celebrates his Thanksgiving with his family.

“I help make food before we have the Thanksgiving dinner,” he said. “We eat together at the table and have fun.”


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