The secret residents of Alta Vista

Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice


(This is not the AV mouse.)

This week the teachers were being really strict about having food in the classrooms and even taking food out from the cafeteria. It was because in the school there was a rumor going around that they saw a mouse inside a classroom – but later we find out it wasn’t a rumor; it was true that they had even taken a video of it.

According to the pest control company Orkin, mice tend to come inside homes because of the dropping temperatures. The infestations begin in the fall. Mice go inside to stay safe and warm. The mice enter through gaps in windows, the ceiling and sewer lines. Due to their body shape, mice are capable of fitting through holes much smaller than they appear.

Alta Vista junior Mayela Marron shared how she felt about having mice in the school.

“I am very appalled about hearing there was a mouse in the school. Now I have concerns about the kitchen, because I don’t feel comfortable eating at school knowing that there’s rodents,” said Marron.

Another AV student, sophomore Jessica Hernandez, shared how she felt on finding out the school had mice.

“I felt like the school was dirty and that it needed to be better taken care of,” said Hernandez.

Students at AV are worried about eating the school lunches because of the mice they have seen. They are disgusted and feel unsafe. They also feel as if the school is not very well clean and is dirty.

A junior at AV, Leonela Montes, shared what she feels the school should do to keep the mice out from the school.

“I think the school should invest in getting an exterminator to come and spray the whole school down, since it is a old building,” said Montes.

The students at the school think they should get an exterminator so that the mice can go away,  and also the teachers should really be aware of the students eating in their classrooms because that’s another big reason why mice are starting to go in. They also think mouse traps and other traps should be placed all around the school, and it can help in a way to stop the mice.

Junior Jose Acevedo shared how he thinks the students can help keep mice away.

“I think the students can stop taking food into class, and they can all also put their chairs on top of the tables at the end of seventh hour, so it could be easier for the people who clean at night,” Acevedo said.

Hernandez also shared how the students can help stop the mice.

“I feel like the students should stop eating in class and should pick up after themselves,” said Hernandez.  

All students attending the school should be aware of the mice they are causing by eating in classrooms and not leaving everything in the cafeteria. They should all learn to pick up after themselves and if they can’t, then they should not be allowed to eat in classrooms.

Montes shared about how she thinks not only is it the school’s fault of having mice, but it’s also the temperature change.

“I feel like not only is it that the school might be dirty and not…clean, but it might also be that it’s winter now and the mice are trying to stay warm,” Montes said.

Marron also agreed with Montes. Mice don’t always come out because the place you live in or go to is dirty but because the mice start looking for a place to stay warm and safe, and since they can fit through any hole then it is really easy for them to find a place to go into.

“I feel like the whole mouse thing also has to do with the temperature change. The mice find places where they can stay safe and warm and, well, it happened to be our school,” said Marron.


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