Looking into the Future

by Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice


“My name is Alex Guzman. I am a sophomore, and I’m a chill person. I Like to play ‘NBA 2k18’ online with my friends. When I finish high school, I want to major in business and hopefully inherit a business of my own and buy a Benz. And my best friends are Wendy Vega, Jackie Ibarra and Fernanda Stewart :)”

IMG_0892 (1)

“My name is Biridiana Espinoza; I am a senior. I am a female who is really loud: I love to communicate with the people around me. I’m at worker at Chipotle-KC Live. When I graduate, I wanna go to the College of St. Mary to study nursing, and after a couple of months I also want to study cosmetology.”


“My name is John Rivera. I am a junior. I’m 5’10″. I have brown eyes and brown hair, and I am cool. I like to skate and chill with my friends. When I’m not working, I like to watch the sky.”


“My name is Fernanda Stewart. I am a junior. I’m 16 years old; this is my third year here at Alta Vista. I am from Kansas City. I am mixed with black and Mexican. I enjoy going to Alta Vista – I have learned many things from this school. I am glad I have the opportunity to receive an education. I am already looking for scholarships to apply to for next year. I am looking into civil engineering. And I will no longer be the only child anymore: I will be having a little sister soon!”


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