End-of-year recap

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice


8 memories from 2017-2018

by Alicia Florez, Aztec Voice


Seniors and staff attended the annual Nelson Hopkins run and had the highest attendance rate of any past senior class.


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The Pell Project brought in local band Making Movies to play some of their latest songs and raise awareness about immigration issues in the U.S.

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At the annual student v. staff dodgeball game, the SENIORS WON the whole thing after the teachers won last year.


After the AV student raised over the $6,000 goal for the Pell Project, Vice Principal Teran kept his promise and got his head shaved for the whole school to see.

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This year at AV we introduced Wrestling and Cross Country to our sports profile. Both sports had a great first year and we look forward to many more.


The girls’ basketball team killed it this year by having their best season in AV history. Our Lady Aztecs never fail to make us proud.

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Congressman Cleaver visits AV to discuss issues such as gun control with Student Council.

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The Class of 2018 trashed Teran’s office as their annual senior prank and had a good time rolling around in it.



Senior Signing Ceremony Highlights

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice

Taking on Trump’s tweets

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by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

“I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” – A direct quote from Donald Trump’s twitter that he posted on 9/11, meaning no good and doing no good to readers, especially those affected by the tragic events of 9/11.

Unfortunately Trump doesn’t really seem to understand what it means to filter and add meaning to his tweets, mainly when it comes to important events that shines light on delicate matters.

Under Trump’s presidency, many people follow him on Twitter, whether to make fun of Trump’s ignorance or to be devoted to the 45th president, but people are always aware of what goes on in Trump’s head, thanks to Twitter! It’s a platform where anyone can share their ideas and thoughts to everyone, and overall truly a great app.

But people always seem to take advantage of the good things in life.

Twitter is over-used by our 45th president Donald Trump.  It’s not the amount that is the problem, but the content that Trump posts regularly. It’s not only the fact that Trump’s tweets are appalling, but the fact that Trump decided to tweet about tragic events after the events occured and never speak about it or do anything about it later. Instead of tweeting about tragic events, maybe Trump should take action to prevent them.

And adding to list as to why Trump shouldn’t have a Twitter, Trump always seems to be ill-mouthing a community or person on Twitter. Whether it’s because of criticism against him, or just because of who they are, Trump is “dissing” people on Twitter to publicly humiliate them, and even if Trump’s words are never taken seriously, a person with such a important role in the U.S. should not be acting so immature with negativity.

Overall Trump just shouldn’t have a Twitter account, or at least have people supervise him like a baby whenever he’s tweeting, since he wants to act like one.

Last days of school

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by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

Alta Vista is in its last days of school until summer vacation, some of the student are happy it’s finally over and get to really know what sleep is, while others are stressing because of finals and grades, but soon enough, all students will finally get to leave school for two months.

While that’s happening for the student body, and seniors will no longer have to worry about for the few months they have before they go to college and have triple the stress they had in high school, but at least they get a high school diploma out of it

‘“Now that it’s my last day and I know i’m graduating, im so stress relieved” soon to graduate senior Cristian Juarez says.

Roughly a week of school is left for non-seniors and although seniors are finally feeling the sweet release of freedom, juniors,sophomores, and freshman still have to put up with finals and the stress seniors left behind for them. But this school year is coming close to its end and lots of eventful events have occurred, staff members coming and going, students being suspended, problems all around, but now all of that is over, and students are finally free, for at least two months.  

Prom King and Queen 2018

by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

Graduates of AV

by Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice


“My plans after graduation is to go to college at KCC, play college soccer for them as well as work when I’m not busy with school or soccer. I want to go into marketing, but I am starting out with my general studies.  The college I’ll be attending is Kansas Christian College because I am getting the opportunity to play college ball, and it’s a small school where I think I would fit perfectly in. My favorite high school experience was playing sports, going to college visits and getting to know my class better. I will miss playing high school ball and my good friends that are now brothers to me. The advice I would give to future seniors is to make the most out of it because it goes by quick that you don’t even see it.” – Leonel Pina


“My plans after graduating is to go straight to work and have money saved up by the time I start college in the fall. The career I want to pursue is social work in the foster care system because when becoming part of the foster care system as a child, you face many difficulties and struggles that children should not face at such a young age, and I want to make sure the children feel loved and feel like they matter because they do. I plan to attend Donnelly College because it is closer to home, affordable, there is diversity, small classroom sizes, and it has the major I want to go into. My favorite part of high school was meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. What I will miss about high school are the teachers. I give a huge thanks to every teacher in Alta Vista but mostly Mrs. Din and Ms. K because of the support system I received from them. The advice I would offer to future seniors is to not slack. You guys will hear that a lot and will probably get annoyed, but it’s important. Your senior year is no joke, and you need to get yourself together because senior year is stressful and will be way more stressful when you slack. Also SAVE UP & APPLY FOR A LOT OF SCHOLARSHIPS even if you believe you are not eligible for it.” – Hilda Alvarado


“I plan to work at FedEx for a year or so to save up money. The career I’m pursuing is lineman, and I want this career because I always wanted to do something with electricity; it’s hands on work and pays good. I don’t plan to attend college because my job doesn’t require it, and I don’t want to waste my time with more schooling. My favorite part of high school was my junior year because I was involved with most of the senior stuff. I’ll miss going up to front office everyday to see Mama G. The advice I would offer to upcoming seniors is to have a list of colleges you want to get into, scholarships you want, and know what you want to do with your life.” – Jose Dominguez


“After graduating high school I plan on going to MCC for my first two years of college, then transferring to Park for the other two years. The career I chose was social work. I love helping people and love talking to different people! I will be attending MCC Penn Valley, why? Because it’s closer to home and it’s cheaper cost. My favorite part of high school was getting closer to everyone year to year! Everything was a good experience. I will miss seeing everyone every day. The advice I would give to future seniors is to do scholarships, get good grades and enjoy it because it will go by so fast!” – Leonela Montes

Kanye was wrong.

by Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

Kanye West is an American rapper who made the wrong decision in life and disappointed much of the world.  

On Twitter he posted something telling people that he is on Donald Trump’s side.

The whole Twitter world either didn’t loved it or loved it. The thing that people (many African American Community and others) hated about this is that he is on the “make America great again” side, while many African Americans hate the president that we have today.

It’s a problem because Kanye West is an African American, and the problem with that is he is representing half of  the black community. His wife wasn’t really happy with it either. She made him clear up some things on Twitter saying that he doesn’t agree mostly on what Trump does. He also calls Donald Trump his “Brother.”  

He also upset the world when he said that “Slavery was a choice.” Slavery is not a choice.

This is totally wrong because it represents Kanye West as how he thinks and what he thinks. Also it also shows how Kanye West has a BIG impact on the people: they were talking about this for weeks. He even had interviews and also an argument on TMZ.

Everyone has their opinions, but his was wrong.

Future dreams of AV

by Alejandra Tarango, Aztec Voice

IMG_3721“My name is Felipe Ovalle. I’m a senior at Alta Vista High School, and my school year has been great, but I’m always ready to go. I’m going to finish by getting accepted into MCC. One last thing is i’m going to study dental hygiene.”


“My name is Mylene Carrasco. I’m a junior at Alta Vista High School, and I’m going to end my school year happy but not really, because I still have one year left. I’m going to work at WOF over the summer getting money. My goal for next year is just to graduate.”


“My name is Ericka Fry. I’m a junior at Alta Vista High School, and I’m going to end my school year stressful. I have a lot of stuff to do. I’m working at WOF and QT to get this money. My plans are to graduate with a associate’s and get a lot of scholarships.”

Graduation Q & A with Jesly Damian

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by Lilianna Flores, Aztec Voice

How do you feel about graduation ?

I feel great a bit nervous. I mean, damn, four years of high school and now I’m taking a big step towards the adult world.

Are you ready to graduate ?

Yes, I am. I can’t wait to get my diploma and leave this school.

What excites you the most about graduating ?

Leaving this school. Now I will have a new chapter to begin with and new page, a new story and nothing to with AV anymore.

What is the reason you are graduating high school? Family members? Yourself?

At first it was for my family, but now it’s for myself; it’s time for me to focus on what I want, and that is to graduate high school to prove to many who doubted me that yes, I made it. LOOK AT ME WALK.

After all said and done, I think everyone gets excited to finally be done with school. We all have came a long way to get to this point or going to be to that point, but it takes a lot of dedication and courage from your surroundings. Especially family – they are the ones who push you to your limits, but they do it out of love and to only see you succeed.

Congrats to the seniors who are graduating this year, and may god bless them.