Video: Boys’ Soccer v. East High School

Video by Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice



Homecoming Highlights

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Chit Chats with Roberto & Angela Episode 3

In Episode 3, Roberto and Angela talk movies, sports and more!


The best restaurants in KCMO, according to AV


by Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

Alta Vista High School students love food. I asked them what their favorite restaurants are; students said Gojo and 54th Street.

Frankie Saenz, a sophomore here at Alta Vista, said her favorite restaurant is Gojo Japanese Steak House. I asked her about what she liked about it.

“They know how to make there food right,” she said, which is important when you go to a restaurant – you want the food to be good. Frankie’s favorite dish to get is the filet mignon and shrimp.

Edith Marquez, another sophomore at Alta Vista, said her favorite restaurant is 54th Street Bar and Grill.

“I like their service,” she said. She goes to 54th Street also to eat their rattlesnake pastaThe pasta has red and green peppers, scallions, sliced chicken breast and tiger shrimp tossed in Parmesan cream sauce.

Another food choice from 54th Street is the devil’s den burger. Salma Galaviz, a junior at AV, suggested to get that burger. The burger has topped wing sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon and smoky sauce; it’s also served with your choice of wing sauce, ranch, or bleu cheese for the dipping. I asked her why she loved 54th Street, and she said it’s really good.

Junior Stephanie Gonzalez’s favorite restaurant is Golden Corral.

“I go there for there chocolate fountain, and they have good service,” she said.

Some things that she gets are the salad with the mushroom, steak, mac and cheese bread and bananas and for dessert, she gets chocolate cookies and cake.

Marisela Salazar, another sophomore at AV, said her favorite restaurant is El Tapatio. It’s a place that serves Mexican food.

“They have some good dishes,” she said.  Her favorite dish is Pollo TapatioIt has grilled chicken breast with cheese sauce, served  with rice, beans and guacamole salad.

Here are the locations to all these food places….enjoy!!

Gojo Japanese Steak House
4163 Broadway St.
Kansas City, MO 64111  
54th Street Grill and Bar
18700 E. 38th Terrace S                  
Independence, MO 64057    


Golden Corral
19120 E. Valley View Pkwy
Independence, MO 64057


El Tapatio
151 S. 18th St., Suite A
Kansas City, KS 66102


Athletes of AV

by Paola Salazar, Aztec Voice


“I am Edith Marquez. I am 15 years old, and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. This is the first year the school has cross country, so I wanted to try it out. I was too scared to join any sports last year. I thought I wasn’t good enough to play any sports last year. I think this sport will help me improve my stamina and help me be very fit. I think this year is going to be a good year for cross country. Our boys already won 2nd and 9th place at our first meet. We have very good runners, and I want to achieve going to varsity and running many miles, but first I want to work on junior varsity. ”



“I am Stephanie Gonzalez. I am 16 years old. I didn’t play sports last year because I was very shy, and I didn’t know if I was good enough for volleyball. I joined this year because I’ve seen [that] school is almost over, and I want to join before I graduate. Maybe in the future I will learn to get better. I think this year is going to go good because there are very good players, and they put good effort in it and come to all practices. I hope this year goes good.”



“I am David Portillo, and I am 15 years old, and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I decided to play soccer because my family is a big soccer family, and I just generally love soccer. I came to this school to play for the soccer team. This sport will make me successful in the future because I am going to go pro, because I want to be a billionaire. I feel confident, because I know I am good and I am very confident. I started at 7 and I saw it on television and I wanted to play, so I practiced till I got better.”

Cocadas in Spanish Class

Video by Edward Reyes, Aztec Voice

In Ms. Vargas’ Spanish classes in September, the students mad cocadas, a coconut snack. We were there to catch the action.

Chit Chats with Roberto & Angela Episode 2

We have our first guests! Roberto and Angela also respond to some topic requests. Take a listen!

Thoughts on Volleyball

Video by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

First Thoughts on DACA

HELLOOOO AV STUDENTS! I’m junior, and today I’ll be telling you guys about how the ending DACA has an effect towards me.

Why? Because I came to the U.S. when I was 9 months old. My single mother brought me into the U.S. to provide me with a better life and more opportunities.

If I end up leaving the U.S and going back to my hometown to El Charco, Chihuahua, I can manage having a life over there as well. I mean, who can’t? But if I had the choice to stay here legally and permanently, I would stay.

I would like to say I’m hardworking at times. I have a job at Mexican grocery store that many people don’t want, so why y’all trippin on me having a DACA if you guys don’t want the job!? You all have a nice day and don’t forget to smileeeeee (:

Chit Chats with Roberto & Angela Episode 1

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