First Thoughts on DACA

HELLOOOO AV STUDENTS! I’m junior, and today I’ll be telling you guys about how the ending DACA has an effect towards me.

Why? Because I came to the U.S. when I was 9 months old. My single mother brought me into the U.S. to provide me with a better life and more opportunities.

If I end up leaving the U.S and going back to my hometown to El Charco, Chihuahua, I can manage having a life over there as well. I mean, who can’t? But if I had the choice to stay here legally and permanently, I would stay.

I would like to say I’m hardworking at times. I have a job at Mexican grocery store that many people don’t want, so why y’all trippin on me having a DACA if you guys don’t want the job!? You all have a nice day and don’t forget to smileeeeee (: