End-of-year recap

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice


Why you should stan BTS

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

What is Kpop and why is BTS all over the news? Let me break this down for you. Kpop is short for Korean pop. BTS is a Kpop band that started in 2013.  They were signed to a record label called BigHit Entertainment.

In the beginning, the band was ridiculed because they were picked off from the streets. Suga and RM were underground rappers. J-Hope was a street dancer while Jimin was a contemporary dancer. Jin was in university studying acting. Jin originally wanted to be an actor for BigHit, but soon was won over by singing. Jungkook and Taehyung were both in school at the time.

They debuted in 2013 but didn’t get recognition until 2015 when “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 1” came out. This was only the start of BTS’ worldwide takeover. So, let’s go down their achievements for those who are skeptical. BTS is the first Kpop group to be nominated, attend, and win in the Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist. Next to PSY, who in 2013, was nominated in various categories.

They are also first to be nominated and win a Shorty Award in music. Their song ‘Spring Day’ was the first of a Kpop group to break into the top 10 on iTunes. With PSY reaching no. 1 with ‘Gangnam Style.’ They are also the first Kpop group to enter the UK Billboard Album Charts with Wings in 2013.

They are also the first and ONLY Kpop act to have entered the Canadian Album Charts with the same album. Also a first for Kpop acts to achieve no. 1 for a weeks on Billboard World Albums with the Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 2 followed by Wings on the number 1 spot also.

BTS is also the first, not only Kpop, act to have the first four slots on the World  Digital Song Sales (Amino).

Besides all these achievements BTS is also a progressive band. Suga has written a song about the Gwangju Uprising called, ‘518-062’ long before being in the band. In their song ‘Ma City’ J-Hope raps “Press 062-518 everyone” as a reference to the Gwangju Uprising (Army Salon).

While BTS’ fame is forever growing, they never forget their Korean roots and also try to spread positive messages, which is something I really admired. So, before writing them off as ‘just another boyband,’ take the time to research them.

Binge-worthy shows to get you through February

Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

"Criminal Minds" is just one of the excellent shows on Netflix right now. In the show, FBI agents investigate violent crime. (CBS)

“Criminal Minds” is just one of the excellent shows on Netflix right now. In the show, FBI agents investigate violent crime. (CBS)

If you need TV shows to watch here are some recommendations… 

Criminal Minds  

Watching “Criminal Minds” is a BIG yes. There are 13 seasons, but there are only 12 on Netflix – but it’s worth it. You should watch “Criminal Minds” because you see what happens and how FBI agents think when they’re on a case. You also see what’s happening in their personal lives.

They travel everywhere to solve cases, but their headquarters is located in Quantico, Virginia. The acting in the TV show is really good: they cast the right people in the right roles. For example, one of the actors, Matthew Gubler, plays Spencer Reid. He is a genius; every time they’re on a case, he helps the team by giving them information about everything his brain knows.  He reads books really fast, and he knows everything about anything. He is your stereotypical nerd.

The writing is amazing. You would think that they really do these things in real, like you could go down to Quantico and ask them to help you solve a case.  

There are Season 1-13, and they have lots of cast members who have left and joined the FBI team. But there are four people who have never left the FBI team in Quantico. They have been in all 13 seasons and other actors  joined in the middle of the season. The show stars Matthew Gray Gubler playing as Spencer Reid, A.J Cook playing Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Kirsten Vangsness playing as Emily Prentiss and Thomas Gibson playing Aaron Hotchner.

If you like “CSI: Miami” or “Law and Order,” then you might like “Criminal Minds.”  


“Riverdale” is also a great show to watch. The drama and romance and the cast and the characters there… it’s just a great show to watch. It gives you life.

It takes place in a small town called Riverdale (if you haven’t known, that’s the show’s name). The suspense of the show makes you want to keep watching. The acting is soooo good; this is another show that has the right people to play the characters in the show.

A fun fact about about this show is that it’s actually based on a book called “Archie Comics.”

When the show starts it hooks you and makes you want to keep watching. The actors are great. They act like its a reality show but better. The way they set up the action and the writing are great also. They also have someone narrating the story in the TV show, and the way he tells the story makes you not want to change channels.

The characters are good too. The main characters are Betty (played by Lili Reinhart), Veronica (played by Camila Mendes), Archie (played by KJ Apa) and Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse).

If you like “13 Reasons Why,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Vampire Diaries,” you might like “Riverdale.”


I think “Empire” is the #1 drama show on television right now. Even though they’re on a break until March 28, you have to keep watching it. It’s so good that it makes you want to go back and look at past episodes. “Empire” is so good that if you stop watching it, you will regret it because you would miss a lot. “Empire” is must-watch TV.  

I’m going to just say that if you love drama and romance, then this is the show for you.

“Empire” shows you how the music industry and how to start from the bottom and how to make it to the top – but the gangster way. Even the cast is fantastic. They have the amazing Taraji P. Henson that plays the role of Cookie, then Terrence Howard playing Lucious Lyon and other actors like Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Y. Gray  and more. They just make the acting good.

Even the writers who write what’s going to happen in the show, I give them props because they make you feel so much anger or happiness that it makes you want to hop in your television and makes you want to  join.

“Empire” makes you feel like you can relate to the show (well, I know I can). The romance that happens in the show makes you happy and mad, like a show that makes you feel like you just want hop out of your seat and throw your popcorn.

If you like this then you would love shows like “Star,” “The Get Down” or “Scandal.”

These are some great TV shows that I think that you would love to watch, especially if you need something to watch now and if you want to get out of your comfort zone. I hope you like these shows!!!!


Making Movies kicks off Pell Project fundraiser

Video by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice

Anticipating the first AV Talent Show

talent-show-posterJahvoan Galbearth, Aztec Voice

The Alta Vista Aztecs are hosting their first talent show in AV history. Staff and students are looking forward to this event that will take place Friday, Nov. 18. This is showcasing the students’ skills and talents for everyone to see.

Student Council has put together a talent show for the school to see other students perform.

Senior Omar Correa said, “I never knew how much talent we had in our school; I can’t wait to see them perform.”

The student line for auditions was long enough to occupy the judges all day.

Senior Teara Perry said, “I did not think so many people would try out. It’s going to be fun watching them perform.”

Student Council found out a way to connect with the student crowd. They chose to have two seniors host the talent show.

Sophomore Janae Galbearth said, “I think this will help reach out to the crowd and get the crowd involved with the talent show.”

The talk around the school is that the talent show will have a big turnout, considering the fact that Alta Vista has never had one. This just shows the school pride that most students have now.

Several teachers have put the talent show details out in the open. They support the talent show and believe this is a good idea.

Senior Dimitri Carrillo said, “This is something that has never happened at AV, and judging by the way the assemblies look for school pride, I think it will be a good turnout.”

According to several freshmen, they believe that this talent show will help them make friends and help them become more outgoing with other students. Knowing how our culture at Alta Vista is, this talent show won’t do anything but that.

Judges from our funders, Guadalupe Centers, have been chosen. This came into play when the Student Council talked about having student judges, but as the leaders of the school, they know that some kids are biased, and they want it as fair as possible.

The Student Council has done a great job planning this and getting everybody involved; they have more things planned for the school and cannot wait to show the school what they’ve got.

All fun and games

joystick-2-1242633Roberto Gomez, Aztec Voice

Video games: they have been debated for years. Some say it’s bad for you or it may help you in an unknown situation. It all just depends on how the video games are used. They could help with reflexes, memory and other things. In addition, it could lead to bad things if used unreasonably, like not being able to sleep, having fantasies, depression and antisocial behavior.

There are other benefits to video games, and they do help in some parts in life. If we use the time properly, then having this enhancement to our brains is wonderful. If the right games are played, they will make our senses even better.

According to psychologist Chacha Tumbokon, “Video games make learning fun. Your kid likes games because of the colors, the animation, the eye candy, as well as the interactivity and the challenge and the rewards of winning. The best way to learn is when the learner is having fun at the same time.”

On the other hand there are bad effects to playing video games, too. A lot of that has to do with violence because with violence in the world today it may not help with being social or decisions we make.

Tumbokon explained that “most of the bad effects of video games are blamed on the violence they contain. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased prosocial helping,” according to a scientific study by Anderson and Bushman.

Some people don’t even get affected by those two factors or they may for one or the other. Other things people could get is video game withdrawal, which is having symptoms of a lot of bad things like anxiety, crying, headaches and nausea.

“I don’t know, I usually play three or four hours, and no video game withdrawal,” junior Jose Gonzalez said.

Other people have enough time to have their daily brain workout. To work out your brain a lot will help in life; friends will make it more fun.

“I play one hour of video games with my friends, and I don’t have much time and no video game withdrawal,” junior Reno Villanueva said.

Some people are just neutral: they either don’t play many video games or any type of game. They do it for the fun of it.

“I play them because they are fun and addicting, some of them, and I get bored since I don’t have a lot to do,” junior Angela Galaviz said.

Some people actually get to play a lot but on their phone, but still no video game withdrawal. They could end up with video game withdrawal if it becomes too much.

“I play a lot of phone games, and I have no video game withdrawal,” sophomore Guadalupe Calderón said.