Winter Break <3

hot-chocolate-1531349by Marisol Barrera, Aztec Voice

Winter Break is one of the best breaks we have during our school year. Why? Because many people go out of town, families from other places come visit, and also because we have two weeks off of school.

Also it is the best time of school years because it the longest break during the school year. Winter break is also the reasons families come together because many parents have vacation during those days.

 “Winter break is the most fun because we have two weeks off and we have families coming over,” said freshman Analee Gonzalez.

Winter break is when people take advantage of it and travel. Why? Because it the best time of year, especially when many people go to Mexico during December. For example, senior Wendy Vega is going to Mexico on December 18 to visit her family and have fun with her cousins. 

Winter Break is also the most fun because we have Christmas around the corner, and many people get presents, and also they make family dinners. And not just that, but we also have New Year’s Eve when people celebrate with their friends and get crazy.

The best of winter break is we could stay awake and not get enough sleep and drink hot cocoa with comfy socks and lay down and watch Christmas movies with boyfriends/girlfriends or maybe sometimes alone. Winter Break also gives you a chance to be with your boyfriends/girlfriends doing cute things like going ice skating, watching movies, staying in and decorating a gingerbread house.


Giving thanks this year

thanksgiving-dining-room-table-1456046by Guadalupe Yepez, Aztec Voice

In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day when people show gratitude and show that gratitude to God. According to the History Channel, In North America, it is an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal including turkey. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 and also is held in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in November.”

A similar holiday is held in Canada, usually on the second Monday in October.

You might ask yourself, “What is the story behind thanksgiving?” Let me give you a short summary of what Thanksgiving is.

Thanksgiving is day we celebrate to give thanks. According to the History Channel, in 1621, the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians got together and contributed something. Still today we celebrate Thanksgiving .

Many people on this special day celebrate thanksgiving with their family and friends. My friend, sophomore Alondra Munoz, celebrated Thanksgiving with her family.

“For Thanksgiving me and my family cook a turkey and make rice on the side. It is  really good.”

I also asked her “ What are you thankful for on Thanksgiving?”

Munoz said “ I am thankful for my family because after everything they are always there”.

You should be thankful everyday but on Thanksgiving is a special moment to gather around with your family and friends and be thankful for something you really do not notice every day.

Full court press begins

IMG_1777by Erika Montes, Aztec Voice

If you walked through the halls on Nov. 20, you smelled the excitement in the air due to the fact that it was the guys and girls basketball teams’ first games of the season. Alta Vista High School wished the players good luck as they got onto the bus.

“I am really excited about getting to Hyman Brand already. I cannot wait to play,” senior Jessica Jimenez stated.

“I am nervous since it’s my first basketball game ever  . But I can’t wait to show what I have learned,” junior Hilda Guijarro said.

“I am ready to show what I am about and put some points on the board baby, so let’s gooo!” senior TaRique Hyler shared.   

Once the players arrived, it was game face. They began to warm up by running and shooting around. As the ladies were getting ready to start the game, a crowd of AV parents started to arrive.

“As I was getting ready to play, my parents and family started showing up and cheering. It made me feel more pumped and ready to give them a good show,” Jimenez said.

“When I got subbed in, I was really nervous. I kept looking over at Coach to see if I was doing was right,” Guijarro said.

“Seeing the girls play made me feel ready to get in the court in break some ankles,” Hyler said.

The girls’ game had everyone on their feet. The gym was full of excitement and cheers. The Lady Aztecs took the win that night; the score was 50 to 30. And up next were the boys.

“I was so happy we won. It was the first time beating them in their own house; I am really proud of my girls,” Jimenez said.

“It feels so good to win the opening game of the season. I am so excited to see how the rest of the season will go,” Guijarro said.

“ The ladies played really good. I was surprised to see how much they have improved,” said Hyler.

The guys started warming up by running and shooting around. The Aztecs were ready to take that win. Points started dropping: they were tied for a while until the AV took the lead again. The crowd of parents was going wild,  screaming for their kids.

“The guys game was really good. It had me screaming and jumping,” Jimenez said.

“Seeing the guys play was exciting. They should’ve won,” Guijarro said.

“I think that we played a really good game. We could’ve won, but it was just the little things that kept us from winning. We lost 64 to 62. It was so close. Although we lost, I am proud of my team,” Hyler said.

No place like home on Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-table-1443940by Raevyn Clay, Aztec Voice

“There’s no place like home on the holidays.”

That saying shouldn’t only mean something special to me, but it should mean something to us all, because we’re all family. I feel like when the holidays come around you should spend it with close loved ones and cherish all the good moments they have shared together.

Turkey, stuffing, ham, sides and salad…I love it all, especially when it’s homemade.

Thanksgiving is a time for laughs, family, food, talking about memories and more happy things. It doesn’t matter how or who you spend thanksgiving with, as long as you’re happy with how you spend that Thanksgiving Day. On this day it’s a day to be thankful for everything – not just the food but for family, friends, life, your home, everything and anything you can think of.

I know some people aren’t a big fan of staying in the house on special times like this. Some people go to a fancy restaurant, for example going to the Plaza or looking at the lights at Crown Center.

At some schools that are still in school two days before Thanksgiving, they celebrate a little part of Thanksgiving: they share with the kids turkey, potatoes, biscuits, pumpkin pie and more.

On Thanksgiving, I feel like we all share the same traditional dinner. If not, what’s yours?

Every second you spend with your family is a thankful moment. If you don’t do anything for Thanksgiving at least let your family know your thankful for them.

KC honors veterans

poppies-1369329.jpgby Abner Rubio, Aztec Voice

On Veterans Day in Kansas City, veterans could go to a number of certain restaurants where they can eat for free or have a discounted meal if they show that they are retired or a member of the armed forces.

Buffalo Wild Wings gave a special for active and retired armed service members.

They gave a free meal that included a small order of wings, including fries and a small beverage. Buffalo Wild Wings thanked the men and women of the armed services in saying, “Thank You for your service.”

IHOP gave out free meals for veterans this November 11, offering red, white and blue pancakes with two eggs and a hash brown and with a choice of two side strips of bacon.

Main Event gave out a complementary night to our armed services members where they set up the whole night for the guests. They could play discounted games the weekend of November 11; Main Event gave a $10 game card to every serviceman.

In honor of the men and women in the United States military, we wanted to share this document to help spread awareness of the Veterans Day specials going on in KC. The Kansas City Star posted a news story where they listed places and stores that participated in this Veterans Day event.

AV celebrates Dia de los Muertos

by Raevyn Clay, Aztec Voice


On Dia de los muertos, Guadalupe Centers High School sets up a table to celebrate the loved ones who are no longer with us.


On Dia de lo muertos, GCHS makes cocoa and bread and gives it out to everyone in the whole school.


GCHS provides face paintings for anyone who wants to get one


Junior Dayana Valverde is enjoying her bread and hot cocoa on Dia de los muertos.


Mrs. Aranda and others stood up in front of the whole school, talking about the loved ones whom we have lost.


As a whole school, we sat down and took the last 30 minutes of the school day to just hear others out and to have a moment of silence.




What is sexual harassment?

stop-1453822by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

“Hey girl. Let me get you number.”

“Okay here is the deal: I’ll hire you if you go out with me.”

These are some of things that make sexual harassment. Some people don’t know this happens, but this is illegal for the workplace – and school.

There are two categories for sexual harassment. The first is “quid pro quo,” which means “this for that” or “a favor for a favor.” The second is hostile environment, which is if the harassment affected your work performance. Harassment can be divided into three parts of sexual nature, those being verbal, visual and physical.

“‘…Sexual Nature’ is broken into three parts.  Verbal, Visual and Physical. Verbal sexual harassment includes comments about clothing, a person’s body; sexual or gender-based jokes or remarks. Visual sexual harassment includes posters, drawings, pictures, screen savers, cartoons, emails or text of a sexual nature. Physical sexual harassment includes assault. Like impeding or blocking movement, inappropriate touching such as kissing, hugging, patting, stroking, or rubbing,” said YouTube source Turn Key Doc.

There are more ways that sexual harassment occur. Some are asking sexual favors, continuing to ask someone out, sexual innuendos, threats, spreading rumor and many more. The quote above shows how sexual harassment is divided and viewed.

“Sexual harassment is, in my opinion, wrong, and they should stop because many times this affects work. Most times makes the person feel dirty about self because of that person doing that the harassment,” said 25-year-old Liz.  

An example of sexual harassment is when the boss of the company is looking for people so you walk in and you do your interview. The person doing to the interview keeps checking you out and at the end he/she is like, “Okay here the deal. I will take you on a date, and I will hire you for the job.”

But sexual harassment doesn’t look only like this. It can also mean saying inappropriate comments that make someone uncomfortable or if someone is touching you and making you uncomfortable.

“I have never had anything like sexual harassment happen to me, but I have heard that it’s a problem,” said 17-year-old Jose.

Sexual harassment has many aftermath effects and some may follow you. Some may affect your workplace. According to the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence, some long term effects on the person who is harassed are guilt, shame, anger, rage, sadness, grief, depression, nightmares or bad dreams, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, flashbacks, feeling of numb and dirty, and problems eating. And according to Minnesota State University Mankato, some effects on the perpetrator is serving time in prison and paying fines, disqualification from career and employment opportunities, decreasing opportunities for friendships and dating relationships.

Volleyball takes on Lincoln

by Erika Montes, Aztec Voice


Coach Citlalic Maldonado helped the junior varsity team practice before playing Lincoln Prep High School on September 10.


Sophomore Leilani Mera Franco scored a point after hitting the ball over the net.


Junior Monse Juarez and freshman Naydelin Martinez Lopez got ready to trade spots as soon as the other team hit the ball.


The JV team is in ready position, waiting for the ball to make it over the net .


Sophomore Jasemin Ventura has all the eyes on her as this moment can be the winning point for the JV team.

Inside a cross-country runner’s head

by Fernanda Stewart, Aztec Voice

Screenshot 2018-09-18 at 11.19.18 AM

Nothing is better then being able to run; running feels like freedom.


Sometimes you feel like stopping, but you continue to run because your team cheers you on.



You did it! You may have felt like dying once you started running, but you went through it and you did it.


“Aztec running towards the finish line – finish strong.”


Oh no! We have an Aztec who is behind.

Bullying in schools today

broken-glasses-1-1316764by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

What is bullying? What do people use or do to label them as bully? My sister asked me more than once, and every time I answer, “Bullying is when someone is continuously calling you name and make fun of you and saying comments that you and makes you think bad about yourself.”

The Google definition is, “Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” In other words, it is using words or strength to have power over someone and have them feel fear.

“Sometimes I say, ‘hey stop bullying’ or ‘mom my brother is bullying,’ but both my brother and mom know that I’m just playing around. Bullying is something that happens a lot and some people get hurt and affect them,” said anonymous middle school source.

If the person who is being bullied does not stand up for her or himself, it gives the bully the advantage and the power to continue. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself because sometimes there is not going to be someone to help.

“I think some of the things people put out about bullying is somewhat helpful. There are many campaigns about bullying, and most of these help kids and teens because some of these help them and some are eye openers, ” said 13-year-old Ruby.

The page Stop Bullying gives a lot of facts and other information about bullying and the many ways of how to stop bullying happening, as well as facts about cyberbullying.

“I feel that ever [since] technology [grew], bullying has taken a new level of the harassing bad hurting people and making them feel bad about their self. When in the real world, the bully is the one who is feeling bad about self. He/she just needs someone to let that anger out,” said 36-year-old Maria Robles.

The rate of cyberbullying in 2016 from CyberBullying  shows that people bullying other online with mean and hurtful comments and a place for them to post rumors online.

“I think that today there is a lot of cyber bullying happening because of the new technology and everyone nowadays have phones. Kids have more access and more way of bullying people,” said 36-year old-Leticia Robles.

Most of bullying in the happens online nowadays but in the past and still happened in school, where bullying was name calling and saying hurtful comment that made the person who was bullied feel bad.