8 memories from 2017-2018

by Alicia Florez, Aztec Voice


Seniors and staff attended the annual Nelson Hopkins run and had the highest attendance rate of any past senior class.


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The Pell Project brought in local band Making Movies to play some of their latest songs and raise awareness about immigration issues in the U.S.

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At the annual student v. staff dodgeball game, the SENIORS WON the whole thing after the teachers won last year.


After the AV student raised over the $6,000 goal for the Pell Project, Vice Principal Teran kept his promise and got his head shaved for the whole school to see.

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This year at AV we introduced Wrestling and Cross Country to our sports profile. Both sports had a great first year and we look forward to many more.


The girls’ basketball team killed it this year by having their best season in AV history. Our Lady Aztecs never fail to make us proud.

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Congressman Cleaver visits AV to discuss issues such as gun control with Student Council.

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The Class of 2018 trashed Teran’s office as their annual senior prank and had a good time rolling around in it.




Graduates of AV

by Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice


“My plans after graduation is to go to college at KCC, play college soccer for them as well as work when I’m not busy with school or soccer. I want to go into marketing, but I am starting out with my general studies.  The college I’ll be attending is Kansas Christian College because I am getting the opportunity to play college ball, and it’s a small school where I think I would fit perfectly in. My favorite high school experience was playing sports, going to college visits and getting to know my class better. I will miss playing high school ball and my good friends that are now brothers to me. The advice I would give to future seniors is to make the most out of it because it goes by quick that you don’t even see it.” – Leonel Pina


“My plans after graduating is to go straight to work and have money saved up by the time I start college in the fall. The career I want to pursue is social work in the foster care system because when becoming part of the foster care system as a child, you face many difficulties and struggles that children should not face at such a young age, and I want to make sure the children feel loved and feel like they matter because they do. I plan to attend Donnelly College because it is closer to home, affordable, there is diversity, small classroom sizes, and it has the major I want to go into. My favorite part of high school was meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. What I will miss about high school are the teachers. I give a huge thanks to every teacher in Alta Vista but mostly Mrs. Din and Ms. K because of the support system I received from them. The advice I would offer to future seniors is to not slack. You guys will hear that a lot and will probably get annoyed, but it’s important. Your senior year is no joke, and you need to get yourself together because senior year is stressful and will be way more stressful when you slack. Also SAVE UP & APPLY FOR A LOT OF SCHOLARSHIPS even if you believe you are not eligible for it.” – Hilda Alvarado


“I plan to work at FedEx for a year or so to save up money. The career I’m pursuing is lineman, and I want this career because I always wanted to do something with electricity; it’s hands on work and pays good. I don’t plan to attend college because my job doesn’t require it, and I don’t want to waste my time with more schooling. My favorite part of high school was my junior year because I was involved with most of the senior stuff. I’ll miss going up to front office everyday to see Mama G. The advice I would offer to upcoming seniors is to have a list of colleges you want to get into, scholarships you want, and know what you want to do with your life.” – Jose Dominguez


“After graduating high school I plan on going to MCC for my first two years of college, then transferring to Park for the other two years. The career I chose was social work. I love helping people and love talking to different people! I will be attending MCC Penn Valley, why? Because it’s closer to home and it’s cheaper cost. My favorite part of high school was getting closer to everyone year to year! Everything was a good experience. I will miss seeing everyone every day. The advice I would give to future seniors is to do scholarships, get good grades and enjoy it because it will go by so fast!” – Leonela Montes

Graduation Q & A with Jesly Damian

accomplishment ceremony education graduation

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

by Lilianna Flores, Aztec Voice

How do you feel about graduation ?

I feel great a bit nervous. I mean, damn, four years of high school and now I’m taking a big step towards the adult world.

Are you ready to graduate ?

Yes, I am. I can’t wait to get my diploma and leave this school.

What excites you the most about graduating ?

Leaving this school. Now I will have a new chapter to begin with and new page, a new story and nothing to with AV anymore.

What is the reason you are graduating high school? Family members? Yourself?

At first it was for my family, but now it’s for myself; it’s time for me to focus on what I want, and that is to graduate high school to prove to many who doubted me that yes, I made it. LOOK AT ME WALK.

After all said and done, I think everyone gets excited to finally be done with school. We all have came a long way to get to this point or going to be to that point, but it takes a lot of dedication and courage from your surroundings. Especially family – they are the ones who push you to your limits, but they do it out of love and to only see you succeed.

Congrats to the seniors who are graduating this year, and may god bless them.

Spotlight on mental illness

silberne-stock-1-1439839by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

I remember when meeting my cousin for the first time and I was special to say the least about the things I was told of about him. The reason I say this is because for one it was the first time, and two because I found that he is special. He has health issues.

Health issues are something that happens all the time and they are not predictable. Sometimes these things happen, and no one knows if something like health issues will happen.

“Health problem is something that happens a lot. I knew that my nephew was sick and sometimes things like this happen. When these things happen, sometimes all you need to do is be there,” said Leticia Robles.

Something that is cruel is how people are being oppressed because they are different. Most of the time these kids can’t anything about them being different. This is not just people with mental health issues but people who are LGBTQ, too.

Mental illness can be things eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder, behavioral disorder, mood disorder and many more. There are going to be people to help when they are needed and to be there every step of the way.

“Mental illness happens and sometimes you don’t see the signs of mental illness and when you’re too late that is when it is too late to do anything. But as most people say ‘It’s never too late to help,’ ” said Maira Robles.

Mental illness is something anyone can have and should be something people pay attention to because one never knows what could have happen. People should be aware about mental illness and the importance of the mental illness.

According to a website call NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) this website is has a lot of information about mental illness and ways to help. It also shows a way to get involved about the issue.

Why you should stan BTS

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

What is Kpop and why is BTS all over the news? Let me break this down for you. Kpop is short for Korean pop. BTS is a Kpop band that started in 2013.  They were signed to a record label called BigHit Entertainment.

In the beginning, the band was ridiculed because they were picked off from the streets. Suga and RM were underground rappers. J-Hope was a street dancer while Jimin was a contemporary dancer. Jin was in university studying acting. Jin originally wanted to be an actor for BigHit, but soon was won over by singing. Jungkook and Taehyung were both in school at the time.

They debuted in 2013 but didn’t get recognition until 2015 when “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 1” came out. This was only the start of BTS’ worldwide takeover. So, let’s go down their achievements for those who are skeptical. BTS is the first Kpop group to be nominated, attend, and win in the Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist. Next to PSY, who in 2013, was nominated in various categories.

They are also first to be nominated and win a Shorty Award in music. Their song ‘Spring Day’ was the first of a Kpop group to break into the top 10 on iTunes. With PSY reaching no. 1 with ‘Gangnam Style.’ They are also the first Kpop group to enter the UK Billboard Album Charts with Wings in 2013.

They are also the first and ONLY Kpop act to have entered the Canadian Album Charts with the same album. Also a first for Kpop acts to achieve no. 1 for a weeks on Billboard World Albums with the Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 2 followed by Wings on the number 1 spot also.

BTS is also the first, not only Kpop, act to have the first four slots on the World  Digital Song Sales (Amino).

Besides all these achievements BTS is also a progressive band. Suga has written a song about the Gwangju Uprising called, ‘518-062’ long before being in the band. In their song ‘Ma City’ J-Hope raps “Press 062-518 everyone” as a reference to the Gwangju Uprising (Army Salon).

While BTS’ fame is forever growing, they never forget their Korean roots and also try to spread positive messages, which is something I really admired. So, before writing them off as ‘just another boyband,’ take the time to research them.

Reflection on graduation

mortar-board-3-1551261by Angela Galaviz, Aztec Voice

Graduation is right around the corner!

For all of us I’m sure this is the moment we have been waiting for all our lives. It’s a very big accomplishment; we worked so hard to be where we are today.

It’s kind of exciting but also very scary to think we are going to be on our own to explore the world. These four years in high school have been an emotional rollercoaster, just because there have been so many stressful moments (senioritis) – but the good outweighs the bad.

Ever since I was a freshman, I never thought I would make it this far. I thought I would come up to a wall. I have learned that I have so many teachers and family supporting me and making sure I get everything I need to keep going and not give up.

It’s sad for me to think that I won’t see all my friends I’ve made since ninth grade anymore: we are all going our separate ways.

I am so proud of all my fellow seniors. I know we will all make it far in life if we keep pushing and let nothing come in our way.

I will miss everyone at Alta Vista who helped me or impacted my life in the best way possible. I hope that in the future, I keep in touch with people from here and I grow to be the best person I can be.

Alta Vista, you’ve been good to me, but now it’s time for us to leave, and thank you guys for everything.

Be prepared for severe weather

storm-1-1406797by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

It is tornado season as we already hit spring. It is important that you are in safe shelter wherever you are, whether it is at the gym, store, your house or even outside.

I personally was at the gym on May 2 when the tornado alarms were going off. However, I was at the gym and I did not hear anything at all. Not the wind, rain nor the lightning. It’s scary to think about that because you just never know what could happen. You can never say you’ll always be safe. So it is important that if it starts looking terrible outside, that you always check the weather constantly to be on the safe side.

What if you are on the road? There should always be a plan. Junior Wendy Vega explained the plan she has.

“[I] watch the news when it is cloudy outside. Never go out if it looks bad because you can get trapped in rain, and it is dangerous to drive in it,” she said.

It is good to know what people’s safety plans are, if they have a plan. If not, what could they do? What would happen if a tree fell on top of their houses?

Junior Lilliana Flores said, “That is why you should be nowhere near a tree when it is bad outside. You should try to avoid being in an area where you have a big tree.”

So next time you get stuck in bad weather make sure you feel safe in your surrounding spot and have a plan for wherever you are.

Snapshots of prom

by Roberto Gomez, Aztec Voice

IMG_0983 (1)

Seniors Roberto Gomez and Angela Galaviz took a picture with junior Mylene Carrasco.


Taking a picture is a process. The group took pictures at the Kauffman Memorial Garden.

IMG_1011 (1)

Gomez and Galaviz posed together at prom.

IMG_6061 (1)

Galaviz and senior Fernando Lagunes took a picture at prom.

Stressful, boring, fun: The end of year

graduation-1572351by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

That time of year is finally here: summer vacation. It’s time to throw away school work and start planning to go the beaches and pools or road trips. Time to chill in the hot summer time, as people say.

The last month of school can the most boring, stressful, fun, and enjoyable. Those words are used to describe the last month of the year.

Luis Atayde, a second grader at Gladstone Elementary, “I’m not planning anything for the summer just yet, but I’m planning on sleeping, and something I’m excited for are the field trips that are happening this year. I just hate that we will be testing ready for it.”

The end of year comes, and the next thing you know, there is a lot of testing and studying to do. Here comes the stress.

Ruby Atayde, a seventh grader at Northeast Middle school, “School is good because it’s close to the end of year, and I won’t be seeing people’s faces this summer. Nothing is really happening, maybe a few fights [but] nothing happening. The only [thing] I’m ready for is the summer.”

The last month is the time where the seniors in high school have their graduation and are off to college and more. While their are packing for college other high schooler are not looking forward for the school the following fall.

Victoria Atayde, a fifth grader at Gladstone Elementary said, “I really don’t plans for the summer yet. But to describe the end of year fun. The only thing that is not is fun the testing that has the most boring thing about the last month of school”

Coming together for Cinco de Mayo

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

Mr. Portillo yells at Jose Valeriano to give him a paleta while doing sound check.

Mr. Portillo yells at Jose Valeriano to give him a paleta while doing sound check.

Jose Valeriano and Ramiro Lara man the paleta cart.

Jose Valeriano and Ramiro Lara man the paleta cart.

Mariachi band plays some funky tunes in this blazing sun.

Mariachi band plays some funky tunes in this blazing sun.


Perla Fabian doing God’s work and selling drinks on this hot day.


Even in this burning sun, people still want prizes.


‘Making Movies’ came to perform a few songs!


My first thoughts: “Is this even safe?”