Aztec baseball wins first game

baseball-serie-1-1555536by Clara Moran-Enriquez, Aztec Voice

The Alta Vista baseball team won opening game against Southeast Knights. Throughout the game, there was some back and forth on who had the lead, until the very end when the Aztecs took the lead.

Some key players in the game were junior Louie Tinoco, sophomore Kelvin Marquina, senior Eosimare Lomeli and senior Miguel Eguade.
Tinoco was recognized by the Coach Justin Hartmann based on his four RBIs on a double and triple. According to Hartmann, Marquina’s “stellar defense at [second base] as well as timely base hit and base running” were highlights in the game.
Lomeli was recognized for his infield hit and short stop defense. Finally, Eguade’s “solid four innings of pitching got the job done.”
The AV baseball team encourages everyone to come out on March 31 at noon to the Urban Youth Academy to support them in their first home game against the rival Cristo Rey Kansas City Pumas.

Shortcomings in Mexico

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez visited Mexico in early February.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez visited Mexico in early February.

Lizbeth Alvarez, Aztec Voice

I think that everyone is proud of their country!

Why do people immigrate to the US?

To most answers, I can claim that people from Mexico come here to get a better life, to have rights, to work hard and never give up; they come here for the American Dream – dream that a lot of people think is the best.

If you ask my dad if he wanted to live in Mexico, he would be glad to tell you yes.

Why? Because that is where everything is, for him.  Other persons might not like the idea of living in Mexico because they have their own life here and they are happy with it.

I just traveled to Mexico. We celebrated my quinceañera, and I think that’s something that everyone likes, but the point is the lack of things that people have. When the girl asks for her party, the most likely answer is, “There’s not enough money.” It is extremely sad when you know that your daughter wants a party, she wants to feel she is old and you can’t afford enough to make a simple party.

When I first got to Mexico, everything looked so simple so weird, I know it isn’t a good thing to think about your country, but I went two years without visiting, and it felt like a whole new place.

When I was in the airport, there was this loud and busy language, and you could say everything was so Mexican. When I was in the airport there was this police officer talking to American people. I just liked the idea that they give themselves time to go and visit such a beautiful place, but then I just heard the police officer ask the woman if she knew Spanish, to which she said no, and the police gave this nasty and ugly answer of “If you are in Mexico, you need to learn Spanish.” That isn’t true. People are just copying quotes from others; this isn’t respectful. The woman answered calmly, but that kind of things shouldn’t be said.

I think everyone has the desire to buy something, but in Mexico I notice there’s so much lack of everything. When I first was going to take a shower, it was funny because the water from the bathroom shower was so little of what I am used to. People could say that is normal, but it was a little amount of water coming out, and then some people get tubs with hot water to shower themselves.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez stayed with her grandmother in Mexico in February.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez stayed with her grandmother in Mexico in February.

When I was getting to my house I saw so many other little houses that were made of wood and plastic – you could actually see the bags of plastic used as their windows. The sad thing about these people living in these houses is that they are old, almost everyone is an old person, an old person who doesn’t have the strength to get up and go work and  get some money. These people need help from their government what they are not getting.

I’m not going to say they lived around giant buildings and around a lot of population because that isn’t true, this is a far place from the town, but I guess either way the government has to have an idea that these people exist.

Shortcomings are everywhere, and people need help.

Trump’s plan for DACA up in the air


Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice

Many students at AV are wondering about what is going to happen to the undocumented students and people since Trump ended the DACA program.  

According to the Kansas City Star, “Donald Trump wants to give 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long promised wall.”

“I feel like that is a stupid idea for Trump to think that we are going to pay for the wall because nobody wants it but him, so why should we have to pay for it?” said senior Cindy Vega.

Trump’s plan would also cover those undocumented immigrants who meet the DACA standard but did not sign up for it. If they meet the deadline requirements, they will get a legal status and a pathway to citizenship.

According to CNN, “The White House sees the plan as ‘compromise position’ that believes would get to 60 votes from the Senate.”

“As long as undocumented immigrants get full citizenship in the country,” sophomore Alex Guzman said, “the wall doesn’t affect anything. People can easily go in and out the country, so Trump can continue investing the country’s money.”

But the proposal’s pathway to citizenship for nearly two million undocumented immigrants probably won’t get applause from many Democrats.

According to the Huffington Post, some conservatives might not like the plan because they don’t want immigrants to come to the U.S. illegally and then become citizens.

Sophomore Dayana Valverde says, “I feel like that shouldn’t be done because undocumented people who have a family in the other countries that would like to come to the US to live the American Dream would feel betrayed by their own family members because they are basically supporting Trump’s decision in building that unnecessary wall.”   

According to Fox4 News, “Those eligible will be able to become citizens in 10 to 12 years, Trump said on Wednesday, contingent on meeting work and education requirements the White House is leaving up to Congress to establish.”

A senior White House official made clear that those immigrants whose protections expire could not be exposed to deportation.

In defense of Valentine’s Day

wedding-roses-1381333Paola Salazar, Aztec Voice

February 14 is coming up and many people are excited.

But also some people are kind of not in the mood for this day – it’s like a regular day for them because they think it’s a day only for people in love, like as in boyfriend/girlfriend, but you can give and get valentines from family and friends.

In my opinion, I think Valentine’s Day is a good day to tell your loved ones that you’re happy to see them or anything sweet and nice maybe get them a gift or chocolates. The most common things you get on this day are chocolates, bears, roses, balloons and cards.

I think Valentine’s Day is a such a sweet, loving day for many people, not only couples.

If you’re not in the mood for this day, then you could also go out with a couple of friends who are not in the mood to celebrate it either. You could have a girls’ night out or a guys’ night out with friends and family.                                                                                                                    

Binge-worthy shows to get you through February

Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

"Criminal Minds" is just one of the excellent shows on Netflix right now. In the show, FBI agents investigate violent crime. (CBS)

“Criminal Minds” is just one of the excellent shows on Netflix right now. In the show, FBI agents investigate violent crime. (CBS)

If you need TV shows to watch here are some recommendations… 

Criminal Minds  

Watching “Criminal Minds” is a BIG yes. There are 13 seasons, but there are only 12 on Netflix – but it’s worth it. You should watch “Criminal Minds” because you see what happens and how FBI agents think when they’re on a case. You also see what’s happening in their personal lives.

They travel everywhere to solve cases, but their headquarters is located in Quantico, Virginia. The acting in the TV show is really good: they cast the right people in the right roles. For example, one of the actors, Matthew Gubler, plays Spencer Reid. He is a genius; every time they’re on a case, he helps the team by giving them information about everything his brain knows.  He reads books really fast, and he knows everything about anything. He is your stereotypical nerd.

The writing is amazing. You would think that they really do these things in real, like you could go down to Quantico and ask them to help you solve a case.  

There are Season 1-13, and they have lots of cast members who have left and joined the FBI team. But there are four people who have never left the FBI team in Quantico. They have been in all 13 seasons and other actors  joined in the middle of the season. The show stars Matthew Gray Gubler playing as Spencer Reid, A.J Cook playing Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Kirsten Vangsness playing as Emily Prentiss and Thomas Gibson playing Aaron Hotchner.

If you like “CSI: Miami” or “Law and Order,” then you might like “Criminal Minds.”  


“Riverdale” is also a great show to watch. The drama and romance and the cast and the characters there… it’s just a great show to watch. It gives you life.

It takes place in a small town called Riverdale (if you haven’t known, that’s the show’s name). The suspense of the show makes you want to keep watching. The acting is soooo good; this is another show that has the right people to play the characters in the show.

A fun fact about about this show is that it’s actually based on a book called “Archie Comics.”

When the show starts it hooks you and makes you want to keep watching. The actors are great. They act like its a reality show but better. The way they set up the action and the writing are great also. They also have someone narrating the story in the TV show, and the way he tells the story makes you not want to change channels.

The characters are good too. The main characters are Betty (played by Lili Reinhart), Veronica (played by Camila Mendes), Archie (played by KJ Apa) and Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse).

If you like “13 Reasons Why,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Vampire Diaries,” you might like “Riverdale.”


I think “Empire” is the #1 drama show on television right now. Even though they’re on a break until March 28, you have to keep watching it. It’s so good that it makes you want to go back and look at past episodes. “Empire” is so good that if you stop watching it, you will regret it because you would miss a lot. “Empire” is must-watch TV.  

I’m going to just say that if you love drama and romance, then this is the show for you.

“Empire” shows you how the music industry and how to start from the bottom and how to make it to the top – but the gangster way. Even the cast is fantastic. They have the amazing Taraji P. Henson that plays the role of Cookie, then Terrence Howard playing Lucious Lyon and other actors like Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Y. Gray  and more. They just make the acting good.

Even the writers who write what’s going to happen in the show, I give them props because they make you feel so much anger or happiness that it makes you want to hop in your television and makes you want to  join.

“Empire” makes you feel like you can relate to the show (well, I know I can). The romance that happens in the show makes you happy and mad, like a show that makes you feel like you just want hop out of your seat and throw your popcorn.

If you like this then you would love shows like “Star,” “The Get Down” or “Scandal.”

These are some great TV shows that I think that you would love to watch, especially if you need something to watch now and if you want to get out of your comfort zone. I hope you like these shows!!!!


Voices of AV

Angela Lopez, Aztec Voice


“This year has been like every other year; everything is fine, but eventually things have changed. I’m a senior at Alta Vista High School, and this is my last year here. I’m making sure I have all my credits. At AV, our voices are not heard because there needs to be changes in the school. This year has actually been good because I’ve actually experienced high school the right way.” Michelle Morales, senior
“This year for me has been hard because I’ve had challenges, and it feels like a challenged year. I’m a senior at Alta Vista and this will be my last year; I’m stressed because I’m giving it my all and it’s my last year. Our voices are not heard at AV because they don’t care what we say – we don’t have the same power. So it’s been a good and bad year because not all my high school years been the same. Every year is different.” Hector Avila, senior

Pinning down the AV wrestlers

Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice

This is the first year of wrestling at Alta Vista High School. Aztec Voice reporter Osiris Herrera sat in on practice to catch some of their moves.

Chit Chats with Roberto & Angela: Teen Suicide

In Episode 8, Roberto and Angela discuss the important topic of teen depression and suicide.

If you or someone you know need help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Catching up with the Lady Aztecs

Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

Fighting teen depression and suicide

1200px-Lifelinelogo.svgLizbeth Alvarez, Aztec Voice

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by a persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. This can cause a person to think about suicide and have no interest for life, without a reason to be alive.

Have you ever experienced depression?

I  have, and it is really hard to have it. It feels like nobody is there for you – like I just get really sad for simple things when it happens, and it feels awful. People can even think of killing themselves just because of their depression.

According to, here are some signs of depression:

  • Disciplinary problems
  • Talking about death
  • Change in eating habits and sleeping problems
  • No hope for the future
  • Fear of losing control
  • Change in behavior
  • Substance abuse
  • Isolation
  • Hurting themselves

There are really a lot of signs. What you really need to see in a person with depression is the sadness, the deep sadness people pass through. All of it is about problems that they have, maybe just because they are passing through things that challenges them.

These are some causes of depression:

  • Loss
  • Sexual orientation confusion
  • Any kind of abuse
  • Victim of bullying
  • Pressure in school
  • Future
  • Close Relationships

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, behind car accidents and homicide, according to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

What to do when people think about suicide?

Teenagers need to understand that life is about our own selves, not about other people in life. We need to survive and live and act how we want, not how others want.

Signs of depression are everywhere. Try to help somebody!

These are some thing you can do to help somebody, according to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

  • Take your loved one seriously, hear all they say and pay attention to them.
  • Don’t keep suicide a secret. If your friend asks you to keep it a secret, please don’t do it.
  • Learn the warning signs!
  • Do not shame people for being negative; try to be positive when you are with them.

How easily can people hurt each other?

I’m going to start with relationships. What about love? What is a good relationship?  According to Marshall University Women’s Center, women shouldn’t have to experience violence.

As Marshall University writes, “Relationship violence is the physical, emotional and/or verbal abuse of one partner by the other partner in a current or former dating relationship. Abusive behavior is any act carried out by one partner aimed at hurting the other; the goal of the behavior is to establish and maintain power and control in the relationship.”

I can say that if you have depression, it is harder to work out in love relationships, because of the thought of being alone.

What about being jealous?

When there’s a new person in your group of friends, have you ever felt like she/he is getting more important than you?

I have. Maybe is it because of depression or anxiety. Either way, on people with hard depression, problems are worse because it is just thinking that they are replacing you, and it’s hard just to think people are taking your place.

People hurt each other by so many ways.  I remember when I was little, I used to feel so bad when I didn’t know an answer in the class or the teacher called on me; it is just so hard.  

Try to not hurt others and think before you act!

“A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn’t mean that help isn’t wanted. People who take their lives don’t want to die , they want to stop being hurt,” National Suicide Prevention Lifeline stated – this website is really helpful!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

These are some things you could do if you are struggling:

  • Ask for help.
  • Evaluate the relationships in your life.
  • Take your loved one seriously.
  • Provide support. You can also get involved in the page and help others that need you.

When I have talked to people with different problems in their lives, I even cry; it is just complicated. Sometimes you know that you argue with things that don’t have a big importance in life while other people with worse problems are happy, and they are there just smiling like nothing bad happens.

When I came to the U.S., I just thought, “Why can’t I understand, why can’t I just be normal and talk English like everyone else?”  But now I know that if I hadn’t faced that problem in my life, I wouldn’t be doing stuff I do now, and I’m really happy I passed through that.

People just need a little punch in their lives to have the courage and fight harder.

“I was 12 years old when I came to Kansas City, Missouri, and I was so scared I didn’t know what to say. The worst was the language and people not accepting you. I think we pass through depression because people don’t give us attention, and they bully me, so it was harder. I didn’t wanted to tell nobody because I was shy. I thought they were gonna laugh at me,” freshman Victor Hernandez said.

When you ask people about their problems, sometimes they say everything is okay, and some of them just get mad and try to ignore the question. If you feel bad, you need to express it and let people know it, because being hurt somehow is always there no matter how much you want to hide it.

Be confident about you!

Everyone has been nervous sometime, but why? Maybe because they are shy or something. I think it isn’t okay. We need to be confident about ourselves and trust ourselves, trust our knowledge, and if we fail, it doesn’t matter; we need to stand up and ignore other bad points of view, ignore those others who judge you without knowing about you.

A teenager I know

I could say that I know a bunch of people who have thought about suicide. You walk by them, and they really look normal without a problems.  Sometimes we even get jealous because we think that they are “perfect”… are they? You never get to know a person completely, but if you could heard them how they suffer, how they are asking for help, everything would be totally different.

Family support

Support is essential for a person to forget about suicide and depression, but I think that the main support they could get is from their families. Why? Because they are the ones with whom they live; children learn how to act after their parents teach them. All bad and good things are learned, but I think that bad things are learned faster, and people learn how to hurt instead of learning how to be nice with people. This is so important because every child needs support from their parents.

Suicide Statistics from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP):

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Each year, 44,965 Americans die by suicide.
  • For every suicide, 25 attempt.
  • Suicide costs the U.S. $51 billion annually.

According to the ASFP, “494,169 people visited a hospital for injuries due to self-harm. This number suggests that approximately 12 people harm themselves for every reported death by suicide. However, because of the way these data are collected, we are not able to distinguish intentional suicide attempts from non-intentional self-harm behaviors.”

Christian Nordqvist writes in Medical News Today, “According to the [World Health Organization], approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide. That is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. For each individual who takes his/her own life, at least 20 attempt to do so. Suicide has a global mortality rate of 16 per 100,000 people.”

It’s okay if sometimes you feel lonely. People just need to ask for help, and everything will be okay. Life isn’t going to kill you, because you the only one who can do whatever you want with life.