End-of-year recap

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice


8 memories from 2017-2018

by Alicia Florez, Aztec Voice


Seniors and staff attended the annual Nelson Hopkins run and had the highest attendance rate of any past senior class.


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The Pell Project brought in local band Making Movies to play some of their latest songs and raise awareness about immigration issues in the U.S.

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At the annual student v. staff dodgeball game, the SENIORS WON the whole thing after the teachers won last year.


After the AV student raised over the $6,000 goal for the Pell Project, Vice Principal Teran kept his promise and got his head shaved for the whole school to see.

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This year at AV we introduced Wrestling and Cross Country to our sports profile. Both sports had a great first year and we look forward to many more.


The girls’ basketball team killed it this year by having their best season in AV history. Our Lady Aztecs never fail to make us proud.

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Congressman Cleaver visits AV to discuss issues such as gun control with Student Council.

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The Class of 2018 trashed Teran’s office as their annual senior prank and had a good time rolling around in it.



Senior Signing Ceremony Highlights

by Osiris Herrera, Aztec Voice

Last days of school

adult blur books close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

Alta Vista is in its last days of school until summer vacation, some of the student are happy it’s finally over and get to really know what sleep is, while others are stressing because of finals and grades, but soon enough, all students will finally get to leave school for two months.

While that’s happening for the student body, and seniors will no longer have to worry about for the few months they have before they go to college and have triple the stress they had in high school, but at least they get a high school diploma out of it

‘“Now that it’s my last day and I know i’m graduating, im so stress relieved” soon to graduate senior Cristian Juarez says.

Roughly a week of school is left for non-seniors and although seniors are finally feeling the sweet release of freedom, juniors,sophomores, and freshman still have to put up with finals and the stress seniors left behind for them. But this school year is coming close to its end and lots of eventful events have occurred, staff members coming and going, students being suspended, problems all around, but now all of that is over, and students are finally free, for at least two months.  

Prom King and Queen 2018

by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

Be prepared for severe weather

storm-1-1406797by Ashley Buenrostro, Aztec Voice

It is tornado season as we already hit spring. It is important that you are in safe shelter wherever you are, whether it is at the gym, store, your house or even outside.

I personally was at the gym on May 2 when the tornado alarms were going off. However, I was at the gym and I did not hear anything at all. Not the wind, rain nor the lightning. It’s scary to think about that because you just never know what could happen. You can never say you’ll always be safe. So it is important that if it starts looking terrible outside, that you always check the weather constantly to be on the safe side.

What if you are on the road? There should always be a plan. Junior Wendy Vega explained the plan she has.

“[I] watch the news when it is cloudy outside. Never go out if it looks bad because you can get trapped in rain, and it is dangerous to drive in it,” she said.

It is good to know what people’s safety plans are, if they have a plan. If not, what could they do? What would happen if a tree fell on top of their houses?

Junior Lilliana Flores said, “That is why you should be nowhere near a tree when it is bad outside. You should try to avoid being in an area where you have a big tree.”

So next time you get stuck in bad weather make sure you feel safe in your surrounding spot and have a plan for wherever you are.

Stressful, boring, fun: The end of year

graduation-1572351by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

That time of year is finally here: summer vacation. It’s time to throw away school work and start planning to go the beaches and pools or road trips. Time to chill in the hot summer time, as people say.

The last month of school can the most boring, stressful, fun, and enjoyable. Those words are used to describe the last month of the year.

Luis Atayde, a second grader at Gladstone Elementary, “I’m not planning anything for the summer just yet, but I’m planning on sleeping, and something I’m excited for are the field trips that are happening this year. I just hate that we will be testing ready for it.”

The end of year comes, and the next thing you know, there is a lot of testing and studying to do. Here comes the stress.

Ruby Atayde, a seventh grader at Northeast Middle school, “School is good because it’s close to the end of year, and I won’t be seeing people’s faces this summer. Nothing is really happening, maybe a few fights [but] nothing happening. The only [thing] I’m ready for is the summer.”

The last month is the time where the seniors in high school have their graduation and are off to college and more. While their are packing for college other high schooler are not looking forward for the school the following fall.

Victoria Atayde, a fifth grader at Gladstone Elementary said, “I really don’t plans for the summer yet. But to describe the end of year fun. The only thing that is not is fun the testing that has the most boring thing about the last month of school”

Student fight for their lives

inmigrants-1569643by Jenni Vejar, Aztec Voice

Students walk  into class and wait for the clock to hit the 10 a.m. Once the clock hits that time, all students get up and walk out of school. They walk out because it is 19th anniversary of the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.                 

On April 20, students New York and many other place walked out schools to march or protest for their safety. There have been lot of shootings and threats happening about school shootings. Students have heard of a shooting happening in their school and feel the adults are not anything to help make a change.

“There are many students that speaking about for the their lives and are doing a change for their voice to get heard. That is something everyone should be paying attention to,” Said freshman Juan Vejar.

Students are taking action by walking out of schools and marching for their lives,proving that they can do something that adults can’t do.

“I think is cool that students are walking out of schools, that people think [things] should change within their community,” said fourth grader Isabela Vejar.

Students are the new generation, and they are the ones who are going to be here longer and they what to make change within their community.  

As reporter Esther Ciammachilli said in a post on Twitter, “Student Noor Mobarek created a “non-comprehensive” list of 197 names of all the people killed by guns in schools since Columbine. #NationalSchoolWalkout

Painting the school’s history

Lizbeth Alvarez, Aztec Voice

Mural Project

Students speak to congressman about gun violence in schools

cleaver...Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II,  came to meet some of the Alta Vista Student Council members to hear about their feelings and thoughts regarding school safety.

Cleaver, who represents Missouri’s fifth congressional district In the U.S. House of Representatives, wanted to know how students feel about school safety and not how the parents feel, because he said parents don’t go to school every day, and he wanted information from students who walk into a school building at least five days a week.

The students had a discussion on the shooting that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Sophomore Madison Wilson asked, “How do you feel about teachers carrying guns in their classrooms?” and senior Miguel Eguade responded.

“I feel like kids would be safe if a situation like Florida happened,” Eguade said. “Many students could be away from harm. Not all teachers should have guns, only the volunteers. Safety for guns could be fingerprint locks only so that teachers can use it.”

Cleaver also said to always assume that someone has a gun.

Senior Samantha Carmona asked, “Are we prepared for when there’s a shooting?”

“I really don’t think so,” said freshman Adrianna Garcia. “They say we are, but we never have one, but I think we should start practicing so we can be prepared.”

Eguade asked Cleaver what his thoughts are on the gun policies.

“They’re silly and ridiculous,” said Cleaver.

Cleaver mentioned how in some schools they have metal detectors.

A participant from Cleaver’s group asked, “What is your consensus on the metal detectors in a building?”

All the students from student council liked the metal detector idea, they said it would make them feel safe.