Aztec baseball wins first game

baseball-serie-1-1555536by Clara Moran-Enriquez, Aztec Voice

The Alta Vista baseball team won opening game against Southeast Knights. Throughout the game, there was some back and forth on who had the lead, until the very end when the Aztecs took the lead.

Some key players in the game were junior Louie Tinoco, sophomore Kelvin Marquina, senior Eosimare Lomeli and senior Miguel Eguade.
Tinoco was recognized by the Coach Justin Hartmann based on his four RBIs on a double and triple. According to Hartmann, Marquina’s “stellar defense at [second base] as well as timely base hit and base running” were highlights in the game.
Lomeli was recognized for his infield hit and short stop defense. Finally, Eguade’s “solid four innings of pitching got the job done.”
The AV baseball team encourages everyone to come out on March 31 at noon to the Urban Youth Academy to support them in their first home game against the rival Cristo Rey Kansas City Pumas.

Trump’s plan for DACA up in the air


Wendy Vega, Aztec Voice

Many students at AV are wondering about what is going to happen to the undocumented students and people since Trump ended the DACA program.  

According to the Kansas City Star, “Donald Trump wants to give 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long promised wall.”

“I feel like that is a stupid idea for Trump to think that we are going to pay for the wall because nobody wants it but him, so why should we have to pay for it?” said senior Cindy Vega.

Trump’s plan would also cover those undocumented immigrants who meet the DACA standard but did not sign up for it. If they meet the deadline requirements, they will get a legal status and a pathway to citizenship.

According to CNN, “The White House sees the plan as ‘compromise position’ that believes would get to 60 votes from the Senate.”

“As long as undocumented immigrants get full citizenship in the country,” sophomore Alex Guzman said, “the wall doesn’t affect anything. People can easily go in and out the country, so Trump can continue investing the country’s money.”

But the proposal’s pathway to citizenship for nearly two million undocumented immigrants probably won’t get applause from many Democrats.

According to the Huffington Post, some conservatives might not like the plan because they don’t want immigrants to come to the U.S. illegally and then become citizens.

Sophomore Dayana Valverde says, “I feel like that shouldn’t be done because undocumented people who have a family in the other countries that would like to come to the US to live the American Dream would feel betrayed by their own family members because they are basically supporting Trump’s decision in building that unnecessary wall.”   

According to Fox4 News, “Those eligible will be able to become citizens in 10 to 12 years, Trump said on Wednesday, contingent on meeting work and education requirements the White House is leaving up to Congress to establish.”

A senior White House official made clear that those immigrants whose protections expire could not be exposed to deportation.

Violence worries many in Kansas City

broken-mirror-1-1426513Jenni Vejar-Robles, Aztec Voice

Imagine you are having a good time when all the sudden you hear something like a gun or firework. You don’t know if you should be scared of what you heard or if you were the only one who heard. Then someone walks in through the door and ask if they heard the gunshot, and at this point you feel scared that something like that happened. You have no idea how to react.

Violence can happen anywhere at any time. According to the Kansas City Star, when it comes to the homicide rate from 2010-2014, Kansas City was in seventh place on the list of cities with more than 250,000 people in the United States. 

Many people worry about the violence within their communities, and some people fear going out for some time. Silvia Vejar, 37, lives in a neighborhood around the Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City; she experienced violence when she heard gunshots close to her house while she had guests there. Vejar’s sister-in-law, Leticia Robles, was there.

“I heard the gunshots from the backyard. I thought it was just a firework, but next thing you know, the cops cars speeding through the night. It was something that I saw coming,” Robles said.

Some people don’t really know when or if they ever are going to experience violence before something really happens and make an impact in people’s lives. Sometimes violence like gun shooting happens, but there is nothing you can do when is happens.

“Nobody wants to experience violence in their lives, so when it comes to it you don’t know how to react,” said middle school student Ruby.

Violence is everywhere, and there are so many people who want to stop the violence from happening. Many people want to keep their communicates safe for all.

“I think that when it comes violence, people want to make a change and do something different about within their community,” said Robles.

Seniors Look to the New Year

Katherine Villalta, Aztec Voice


“Hi, my name’s Jose Gonzalez; I’m a senior this year at AV. I’m excited and looking forward to Christmas and all the events that will be going on during school and outside of school as well. Buying gifts for everyone is my favorite. I enjoy seeing my family member’s faces light up when they see me handing their presents. This year is especially going to be different because I’m almost out of the house, and it’s a time to spend time with my family before I’m off to college.”


“Hello, my name is Denise Martinez. I’m a senior this year at AV. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends and giving out presents this Christmas. I have a long list of presents to get for all my people, and that’s the thing I enjoy the most because I love shopping. I’m also looking forward to New Year’s, because my graduation is closer, and I can’t wait to start this new year.”


“My name name is Alex Gloria. I’m a senior this year at AV. This Christmas, I’m just going to do the same old, same old: probably work, sleep and watch movies. I am looking forward to my mom’s cooking – it’s so good. Other than that, I’m just going to enjoy my break with my family. I’m ready to enter the new year with better aspirations for myself. Hopefully, next year will be better than this year.”

What You as an Internet User Need to Know About the Fate of Net Neutrality

light-up-the-web-1193828Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

What is net neutrality, for starters?

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers, or ISPs for short, like Verizon, should give users access to all applications without blocking any. Without it, ISPs would have the choice to sell separate packages, and consumers would have to pay separate packages for using certain applications like Instagram or Snapchat, Gmail and entertainment applications like Netflix.

Luckily net neutrality is still in place, but in the near future it might not be. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the government organization that oversees communication systems like television, radio and the Internet in the U.S. And now it is considering changes to how we access and pay for websites.

FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai has proposed a plan to “change” the rules to net neutrality, which benefit ISPs not the users (aka hurting you). Pai proposed this idea in April 2017, but it didn’t kick off until in May 2017 when the FCC voted forward the plan, and now anxious users have been waiting until today, where the final decision of net neutrality’s fate will be decided.  

We spoke with some Alta Vista students to get their take on this decision.


Senior Gustavo Valdovino

Q: What do you think about what Chairman Pai is doing?

A: I’m not okay with it; if his plan actually happens, it would benefit the companies and not the people.

Q: What would you do if they got rid of net neutrality?

A: Honestly I would only buy some packages provided. It would cost too much money to buy all the ones that I wanted

Q: How do you think people will react if they did get rid of net neutrality?

A: I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, but some people might would probably be upset about it, but if it happens they would have to face the fact that that is gone. But I think they shouldn’t be mad about it because it’s a luxury, not a necessity.


Freshman Anthony Barron

Q: What do you think about what Chairman Pai is doing?

A: I don’t support him at all. He’s only doing that so that companies like Verizon gain money, and [that] leaves us the users over-paying.   

Q: What would you do if they got rid of net neutrality?

A: I guess I’d just buy the package that I want.

Q: How do you think people will react if they did get rid of net neutrality?

A: People would obviously be upset, almost everyone I know uses a whole lot of apps.

Basically, without net neutrality everything – app or website – that you use that you now pay for in one package will no longer just be one but multiple packages. This could make using the Internet much more expensive.

To voice your opinion with the fate of net neutrality, contact your representatives in Congress to show that we the people are against getting rid of net neutrality.

Thanksgiving at AV

Video by Katherine Villalta, Aztec Voice

Relive the Homecoming Assembly

Dodgeball for the Pell Project

by Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice

Homecoming Highlights

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The best restaurants in KCMO, according to AV


by Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

Alta Vista High School students love food. I asked them what their favorite restaurants are; students said Gojo and 54th Street.

Frankie Saenz, a sophomore here at Alta Vista, said her favorite restaurant is Gojo Japanese Steak House. I asked her about what she liked about it.

“They know how to make there food right,” she said, which is important when you go to a restaurant – you want the food to be good. Frankie’s favorite dish to get is the filet mignon and shrimp.

Edith Marquez, another sophomore at Alta Vista, said her favorite restaurant is 54th Street Bar and Grill.

“I like their service,” she said. She goes to 54th Street also to eat their rattlesnake pastaThe pasta has red and green peppers, scallions, sliced chicken breast and tiger shrimp tossed in Parmesan cream sauce.

Another food choice from 54th Street is the devil’s den burger. Salma Galaviz, a junior at AV, suggested to get that burger. The burger has topped wing sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon and smoky sauce; it’s also served with your choice of wing sauce, ranch, or bleu cheese for the dipping. I asked her why she loved 54th Street, and she said it’s really good.

Junior Stephanie Gonzalez’s favorite restaurant is Golden Corral.

“I go there for there chocolate fountain, and they have good service,” she said.

Some things that she gets are the salad with the mushroom, steak, mac and cheese bread and bananas and for dessert, she gets chocolate cookies and cake.

Marisela Salazar, another sophomore at AV, said her favorite restaurant is El Tapatio. It’s a place that serves Mexican food.

“They have some good dishes,” she said.  Her favorite dish is Pollo TapatioIt has grilled chicken breast with cheese sauce, served  with rice, beans and guacamole salad.

Here are the locations to all these food places….enjoy!!

Gojo Japanese Steak House
4163 Broadway St.
Kansas City, MO 64111  
54th Street Grill and Bar
18700 E. 38th Terrace S                  
Independence, MO 64057    


Golden Corral
19120 E. Valley View Pkwy
Independence, MO 64057


El Tapatio
151 S. 18th St., Suite A
Kansas City, KS 66102