What You as an Internet User Need to Know About the Fate of Net Neutrality

light-up-the-web-1193828Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

What is net neutrality, for starters?

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers, or ISPs for short, like Verizon, should give users access to all applications without blocking any. Without it, ISPs would have the choice to sell separate packages, and consumers would have to pay separate packages for using certain applications like Instagram or Snapchat, Gmail and entertainment applications like Netflix.

Luckily net neutrality is still in place, but in the near future it might not be. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the government organization that oversees communication systems like television, radio and the Internet in the U.S. And now it is considering changes to how we access and pay for websites.

FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai has proposed a plan to “change” the rules to net neutrality, which benefit ISPs not the users (aka hurting you). Pai proposed this idea in April 2017, but it didn’t kick off until in May 2017 when the FCC voted forward the plan, and now anxious users have been waiting until today, where the final decision of net neutrality’s fate will be decided.  

We spoke with some Alta Vista students to get their take on this decision.


Senior Gustavo Valdovino

Q: What do you think about what Chairman Pai is doing?

A: I’m not okay with it; if his plan actually happens, it would benefit the companies and not the people.

Q: What would you do if they got rid of net neutrality?

A: Honestly I would only buy some packages provided. It would cost too much money to buy all the ones that I wanted

Q: How do you think people will react if they did get rid of net neutrality?

A: I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, but some people might would probably be upset about it, but if it happens they would have to face the fact that that is gone. But I think they shouldn’t be mad about it because it’s a luxury, not a necessity.


Freshman Anthony Barron

Q: What do you think about what Chairman Pai is doing?

A: I don’t support him at all. He’s only doing that so that companies like Verizon gain money, and [that] leaves us the users over-paying.   

Q: What would you do if they got rid of net neutrality?

A: I guess I’d just buy the package that I want.

Q: How do you think people will react if they did get rid of net neutrality?

A: People would obviously be upset, almost everyone I know uses a whole lot of apps.

Basically, without net neutrality everything – app or website – that you use that you now pay for in one package will no longer just be one but multiple packages. This could make using the Internet much more expensive.

To voice your opinion with the fate of net neutrality, contact your representatives in Congress to show that we the people are against getting rid of net neutrality.


AV celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

img_2213Jesus Gomez, Aztec Voice

It starts all on the 15th of September. It’s known as National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month is all about Hispanic culture and how it has changed the world.

Hispanic Heritage Month acknowledges some important models, for example Cesar Chavez and our ancestors.

It all started around 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week, and President Ronald Reagan extended the celebration in 1988. It was later turned into a law in 1988. Since then the nation has celebrated it each year.

When asked about the importance and the relevance to Hispanic Heritage Month, freshman Jonny Espitia said, “Well it’s cool because I get to celebrate all about the culture, things I didn’t even know about.”

“I also think it’s important because me,” Espitia said. “I come from a Hispanic family, and since we live in the U.S., we forget about all those important traditions. I think they should celebrate it more at schools, because the schools I’ve been in or know about, it’s just another month. There are many important things about this month.”

Alta Vista High School is celebrating and acknowledging the month. AV has done many things. For example, on October 7, AV decided to have a ceremonial Aztec dance. There was also a painting that represented the old Hispanic culture.

“I think the month is amazing,” substitute teacher Glenn Stewart said. “I applaud the month. It creates more awareness and clears stereotypes. It should definitely be in every school; it should be part of a history class. We study a lot about all the different cultures except this one, and…it gives a lot of history and knowledge that kids forget throughout the years. I’ve been to two colleges, and I barely even hear about it.”

“Well, it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge the month to bring the culture out,” former AV student Christian Gomez said. “Hispanic Heritage Month is meant to recognize the contributions that the Hispanic communities have made throughout the centuries.”

“I’m Hispanic myself, and this month helps bring out the lost traditions,” Gomez said. “I think the month should be celebrated more everywhere, PERIOD. It is essential that the children learn about the traditions their ancestors practiced, especially now that they live in a different place.”

Not clowning around


Oscar Borjas, Aztec Voice

What happened to clowns that made children smile? The clowns that made children balloon animals at fairs? Now people are terrified of them, and all they want is for clowns to stay safe – and their children to stay safe, as well.

In the year of 201,6 now that halloween is right around the corner, families are worried and want their children home. Police officers have recommended that children stay away from wooded areas.

“I honestly feel paranoid,” sophomore Alexeah Morton said. “I’m scared to walk around at night. I also don’t feel like going trick-or-treating because I won’t know who is a creepy clown or just a regular clown.”

“I never saw clowns being creepy,” sophomore Jaylene Botello said. “I always just saw them as entertainment.”

Many people feel the same way as both of these girls. Police have issued a warning that children should not be out at night and they should not play around or walk around wooded areas, as those are known to have been where the creepy clowns first appeared.

This topic is rather abrupt in the sense that no one really fears clowns. Some people do have a phobia of them, but others do not. When someone sees a clown, they do get shocked, but then they take it as a joke. All this about the clowns is seen as a joke, and two “jokers” are in police custody.

The clown sightings first started in late August as the Halloween season is right around the corner.

“It is stupid that people find this as something they should use as a prank,” said junior Selena Aguilera.

Clown sightings are growing all around the U.S. This a pretty bad prank that can result in people getting hurt. Twelve people have been involved in the clown incidents. Some have been found to have made false claims about clown sightings, and they are in police custody.

Schools in Kansas City are now telling parents about this and that they should be careful of what’s going on around them now very close to home.

“I feel like the little prank went too far, and it is affecting the police force in the manner that they don’t know whether they should take it [as] real or not,” said sophomore Jessica Caro.

This prank went over the edge, and now that Halloween is in a couple of days, there might be many incidents because of this whole clown business.

Climate change concerns students

a-big-storm-front-at-sunset-1535632Angie Rutiaga, Aztec Voice

The U.S may face more extremes in the coming decades, said noted meteorologist Jeff Masters.

“I don’t recognize the weather anymore. I look at the weather maps in the morning, sometimes afraid of what i’m going to see. It’s just gotten so insane. The climate of the 20th century is gone. The climate I knew is not here anymore,” Masters said.

All of a sudden we’re getting a series of unnamed storms that have washed out whole communities.

There have been a lot of storms that have displaced people in different parts of the world. A recent storm that displaced a lot of people was in Louisiana. Louisiana is still recovering from the recent flooding that displaced thousands from their homes.

Florida and Hawaii were both flooded by rain from recent hurricanes, and also many states are reporting above average or record summer rainfalls. Even though some regions are getting flooded by hurricanes, others are going dry, leading to another intense problem because of their need of rain that is destroying forests from Alaska to Southern California.

Masters believes this is happening now because water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have crossed a critical threshold. Overall the increase of global temperatures is causing warming of the oceans all over the world.

Some of the students at Alta Vista have different opinions on what’s causing the disruptions of the climate and how we can help to change that.

Aurora Mendez, a junior, said, “The fact that the people don’t take care of the environment – that might be one of the causes why there have been disruptions on the climate. We can help by starting car pools and also recycling. [We can take] more care of the environment by planting more trees and flowers. The climate changes affect me because it gives me like mood swings.”

Biridiana Espinoza, a junior, said, “All the storms that have been going on lately are probably accumulating water in the ocean and that is probably leading to floods. There is nothing we can do to help because we can’t control when it rains and doesn’t rain.”

Heidi Rutiaga, a sophomore, said, “The weather is the one making all the climate disruptions because the weather has to change it can’t always stay the same. We can’t do anything to help because we can’t control the weather. The climate changes affect me because they get me irritated because I don’t like it when it changes often.”

Earth just experienced it’s two consecutive warmest years on record. The warmer the ocean the stronger a hurricane can get. Hurricane scientists believe that as we continue to heat up the oceans, we are going to see more of these high-end perfect storm.