Taking on Trump’s tweets

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

“I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” – A direct quote from Donald Trump’s twitter that he posted on 9/11, meaning no good and doing no good to readers, especially those affected by the tragic events of 9/11.

Unfortunately Trump doesn’t really seem to understand what it means to filter and add meaning to his tweets, mainly when it comes to important events that shines light on delicate matters.

Under Trump’s presidency, many people follow him on Twitter, whether to make fun of Trump’s ignorance or to be devoted to the 45th president, but people are always aware of what goes on in Trump’s head, thanks to Twitter! It’s a platform where anyone can share their ideas and thoughts to everyone, and overall truly a great app.

But people always seem to take advantage of the good things in life.

Twitter is over-used by our 45th president Donald Trump.  It’s not the amount that is the problem, but the content that Trump posts regularly. It’s not only the fact that Trump’s tweets are appalling, but the fact that Trump decided to tweet about tragic events after the events occured and never speak about it or do anything about it later. Instead of tweeting about tragic events, maybe Trump should take action to prevent them.

And adding to list as to why Trump shouldn’t have a Twitter, Trump always seems to be ill-mouthing a community or person on Twitter. Whether it’s because of criticism against him, or just because of who they are, Trump is “dissing” people on Twitter to publicly humiliate them, and even if Trump’s words are never taken seriously, a person with such a important role in the U.S. should not be acting so immature with negativity.

Overall Trump just shouldn’t have a Twitter account, or at least have people supervise him like a baby whenever he’s tweeting, since he wants to act like one.


Kanye was wrong.

by Madison Wilson, Aztec Voice

Kanye West is an American rapper who made the wrong decision in life and disappointed much of the world.  

On Twitter he posted something telling people that he is on Donald Trump’s side.

The whole Twitter world either didn’t loved it or loved it. The thing that people (many African American Community and others) hated about this is that he is on the “make America great again” side, while many African Americans hate the president that we have today.

It’s a problem because Kanye West is an African American, and the problem with that is he is representing half of  the black community. His wife wasn’t really happy with it either. She made him clear up some things on Twitter saying that he doesn’t agree mostly on what Trump does. He also calls Donald Trump his “Brother.”  

He also upset the world when he said that “Slavery was a choice.” Slavery is not a choice.

This is totally wrong because it represents Kanye West as how he thinks and what he thinks. Also it also shows how Kanye West has a BIG impact on the people: they were talking about this for weeks. He even had interviews and also an argument on TMZ.

Everyone has their opinions, but his was wrong.

Graduation Q & A with Jesly Damian

accomplishment ceremony education graduation

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

by Lilianna Flores, Aztec Voice

How do you feel about graduation ?

I feel great a bit nervous. I mean, damn, four years of high school and now I’m taking a big step towards the adult world.

Are you ready to graduate ?

Yes, I am. I can’t wait to get my diploma and leave this school.

What excites you the most about graduating ?

Leaving this school. Now I will have a new chapter to begin with and new page, a new story and nothing to with AV anymore.

What is the reason you are graduating high school? Family members? Yourself?

At first it was for my family, but now it’s for myself; it’s time for me to focus on what I want, and that is to graduate high school to prove to many who doubted me that yes, I made it. LOOK AT ME WALK.

After all said and done, I think everyone gets excited to finally be done with school. We all have came a long way to get to this point or going to be to that point, but it takes a lot of dedication and courage from your surroundings. Especially family – they are the ones who push you to your limits, but they do it out of love and to only see you succeed.

Congrats to the seniors who are graduating this year, and may god bless them.

Why you should stan BTS

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

What is Kpop and why is BTS all over the news? Let me break this down for you. Kpop is short for Korean pop. BTS is a Kpop band that started in 2013.  They were signed to a record label called BigHit Entertainment.

In the beginning, the band was ridiculed because they were picked off from the streets. Suga and RM were underground rappers. J-Hope was a street dancer while Jimin was a contemporary dancer. Jin was in university studying acting. Jin originally wanted to be an actor for BigHit, but soon was won over by singing. Jungkook and Taehyung were both in school at the time.

They debuted in 2013 but didn’t get recognition until 2015 when “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 1” came out. This was only the start of BTS’ worldwide takeover. So, let’s go down their achievements for those who are skeptical. BTS is the first Kpop group to be nominated, attend, and win in the Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist. Next to PSY, who in 2013, was nominated in various categories.

They are also first to be nominated and win a Shorty Award in music. Their song ‘Spring Day’ was the first of a Kpop group to break into the top 10 on iTunes. With PSY reaching no. 1 with ‘Gangnam Style.’ They are also the first Kpop group to enter the UK Billboard Album Charts with Wings in 2013.

They are also the first and ONLY Kpop act to have entered the Canadian Album Charts with the same album. Also a first for Kpop acts to achieve no. 1 for a weeks on Billboard World Albums with the Most Beautiful Moments in Life: Part 2 followed by Wings on the number 1 spot also.

BTS is also the first, not only Kpop, act to have the first four slots on the World  Digital Song Sales (Amino).

Besides all these achievements BTS is also a progressive band. Suga has written a song about the Gwangju Uprising called, ‘518-062’ long before being in the band. In their song ‘Ma City’ J-Hope raps “Press 062-518 everyone” as a reference to the Gwangju Uprising (Army Salon).

While BTS’ fame is forever growing, they never forget their Korean roots and also try to spread positive messages, which is something I really admired. So, before writing them off as ‘just another boyband,’ take the time to research them.

Reflection on graduation

mortar-board-3-1551261by Angela Galaviz, Aztec Voice

Graduation is right around the corner!

For all of us I’m sure this is the moment we have been waiting for all our lives. It’s a very big accomplishment; we worked so hard to be where we are today.

It’s kind of exciting but also very scary to think we are going to be on our own to explore the world. These four years in high school have been an emotional rollercoaster, just because there have been so many stressful moments (senioritis) – but the good outweighs the bad.

Ever since I was a freshman, I never thought I would make it this far. I thought I would come up to a wall. I have learned that I have so many teachers and family supporting me and making sure I get everything I need to keep going and not give up.

It’s sad for me to think that I won’t see all my friends I’ve made since ninth grade anymore: we are all going our separate ways.

I am so proud of all my fellow seniors. I know we will all make it far in life if we keep pushing and let nothing come in our way.

I will miss everyone at Alta Vista who helped me or impacted my life in the best way possible. I hope that in the future, I keep in touch with people from here and I grow to be the best person I can be.

Alta Vista, you’ve been good to me, but now it’s time for us to leave, and thank you guys for everything.

Popularity in school

outcast-1-1429028by Lizbeth Alvarez, Aztec Voice

In my opinion, popularity is taken seriously by students. When you look in the hallways, you can see different groups of students, and if you are a student, you are capable of telling which is which – who is popular and who is not.

Almost all the time, popular students are around with a lot of other students and laughing, and it seems that they are happy. Then with unpopular students, it is different, popular persons stand out more. The thing that changes is that they are more quiet, and I think they don’t express themselves that much.

Part of popularity is how you interact with people, and persons who are quiet have fewer opportunities of having that many friends, but no matter how much they say you are popular, I think that those students around others are the ones that feel most lonely people because at the end of the day, the only thing that they have is the reactions on social media and all those cute pictures and a bunch of material stuff around them.  

It doesn’t matter if you think you have a lot of friends. The thing that counts is how much your friends support you – your real friends – and if they are with you even in the worst situations.

Popularity gives you attention, which I think that everyone likes, because you feel loved…but are you doing good things to get it, or are you hurting yourself?

Popularity forms part of your whole life, but some people are doing extreme things to get it. We can see on social media how girls publish pictures on themselves with less and less clothing just to get more reactions, and then people talk badly about them in public, but the girls feel they’re doing okay and that everyone likes them. That is just hurting yourself.

If you search on Google, the meaning of popularity is the state or condition of being liked, admired or supported by many people. This makes me think that some problems of depression come out of this. People with depression feel they don’t have the support by others. People give too much attention to what other people say and what they think.

In school I have noticed that if someone is wearing something or doing something that they think is cool, they start copying the style or doing the same thing to be like others, and that’s not being original.

People want to be popular to have the attention of others, and I understand all that, but I can tell that trying to be popular is kind of a waste of time because sometimes popular people are selfish, and they just search for more and popularity. I feel that teens shouldn’t be looking for something that doesn’t matter. You can be happy with who you are and don’t change yourself just to “fit in.”

There’s a lot of information on the Internet about how to be popular, and it also tries to explain to you what to do. One of the main things you should do to be popular is to be nice and helpful. I think that if you are going to help somebody or be nice with them, you should do it because it comes from you, not because you want to get something in return.

I think that high school is a really important part of your life, and old people say that those years are the best, but some of these teens give too much to have popularity I think they work so hard, and at the end they finish with getting nothing. I think that they should just be themselves. Some people give too much effort and when they do not get the popularity they want, they could commit suicide.

I have noticed that popular people are not that bad. Sometimes they don’t even see they are popular, but popularity affects those who try to be like others. Those who try to go to parties and have fun, drinking and doing other stuff.

I feel popularity is not as important as it seems too. I think that all of us are the same and trying to separate each other because popularity is silly.

Coming together for Cinco de Mayo

by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

Mr. Portillo yells at Jose Valeriano to give him a paleta while doing sound check.

Mr. Portillo yells at Jose Valeriano to give him a paleta while doing sound check.

Jose Valeriano and Ramiro Lara man the paleta cart.

Jose Valeriano and Ramiro Lara man the paleta cart.

Mariachi band plays some funky tunes in this blazing sun.

Mariachi band plays some funky tunes in this blazing sun.


Perla Fabian doing God’s work and selling drinks on this hot day.


Even in this burning sun, people still want prizes.


‘Making Movies’ came to perform a few songs!


My first thoughts: “Is this even safe?”


What is beauty?

eye-1-1438840by Roxana Rodriguez, Aztec Voice

Welcome to “Why do beauty standards exist?”, featuring a girl who fits none of them. Today we will venture the world to learn more about different beauty standards. According to Slice and Diply, different countries have different beauty standards.

Our first stop is North America, where the new obsession is a slender but busty body with delicate features. Many still believe the classic bombshell – blonde hair and blue eyes – is still the American dream.

As we head south, our next stop is: Brazil/South America. Here a large bust with an extremely small waist is the ideal. They also enjoy thicker legs and a thicker bottom. Now as we cross the South Atlantic Ocean, we stop at Mauritania (Africa). Here, many view overweight  women the most desirable, while slimmer ones are undesirable and told to gain weight.

Heading north we reach France. The French love a natural beaut. They view more quirky and distinct physical traits as beautiful. They spend more time on their outfits than on their makeup.

Heading a little northeast, we end up in Russia. Russians who have been coined most beautiful are tall and slender with high cheekbones, plump lips and blue/green eyes. In contrast to France, Russia is all about more is more. They spend most of their time perfecting their makeup and outfits.

Now, we head back south to make a stop in India. Here they love almond-shaped eyes, a lighter complexion and thick luscious hair. These standards come from a shift to following Western standards, where they are now pushed to have a lighter complexion and lose weight.

As we move east we reach Myanmar (Burma). Beauty rituals are mostly tradition here. From an early age women stacked brass coils around their necks. Over time more coils are added to elongate their neck which attracts males from the tribe.

Towards the southeast we hit Thailand, where women pay a ridiculous amount to hit these ideals. Almost a hard contrast from the features most women are naturally born with, beauty is seen in pale skin, a narrow frame and pronounced eyes and nose.

Heading northeast we make a hard stop in Korea. Oh, Korea, perhaps the most controversial beauty standards of the bunch. Having one of the highest rates in cosmetic surgeries, they value v-shaped jaws, big round eyes, small nose, small mouth and very, very fair skin. In Korean history, tanned skinned is viewed as having a lower social status. So, while the rest of the world wants a sun-kissed complexion, Korea hides behind the shade.

Heading east we reach Korea’s neighbor: Japan. Now, by far this has to be the strangest beauty standard of all. While the rest of us want straight teeth, Japanese culture admires a crooked smile, oftentimes going through dental procedures to achieve this look. Why they admire a crooked smile is beyond me, but who am I to judge?

And now to the southeast we have our last stop: New Zealand. For our last stop, there’s nothing extravagant. Nothing too crazy, but nothing too natural. Just a nice, beautiful facial tattoo. Māori women often get chin tattoos to symbol empowerment and a transition into womanhood.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this enlightening journey through the world and it’s beauty standards. As always, thank you for coming to my Ted talk.   


How adding more security to schools can harm students of color

by Samantha Barron, Aztec Voice

Due to recent accidents involving school shootings, there has been an uproar concerning how such school shootings should not happen, and solutions of how to stop them have been floating around.

One of these solutions is to add more security, i.e. police guards, to secure the school, making sure that they could stop any harm coming students’ way. In reality though, having more security can cause more harm than good to students, especially to students of color.

There’s more of a police presence in schools with a majority of students of color, and kids in school can get criminally charged for disorderly conduct. The biggest impact of police in schools is that, according to PBS, there’s more disorderly conduct when police are present. Students who go to schools with police are almost five times more likely to charged with disorderly conduct, which utamiltely taints a clean record.

Students of color are always seen as more of a threat to the school community than white students, and because of that, they are punished more than their white counterparts for minor accidents.

Some in society seem to think that this really isn’t the case, that oppression against people of color doesn’t really happen, especially in school. But looking at facts and day-to-day news reports of how another person of color was oppressed for no reason, it’s clear to see that it’s the exact opposite. It seems as if people of color can’t catch a break, even when it comes to students of color trying to get a education.

People are trying to solve a real life problem. No one really wants school shootings to happen to another person, but adding security isn’t the solution to this problem. And in the long run, it only causes more harm than good.

Shortcomings in Mexico

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez visited Mexico in early February.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez visited Mexico in early February.

Lizbeth Alvarez, Aztec Voice

I think that everyone is proud of their country!

Why do people immigrate to the US?

To most answers, I can claim that people from Mexico come here to get a better life, to have rights, to work hard and never give up; they come here for the American Dream – dream that a lot of people think is the best.

If you ask my dad if he wanted to live in Mexico, he would be glad to tell you yes.

Why? Because that is where everything is, for him.  Other persons might not like the idea of living in Mexico because they have their own life here and they are happy with it.

I just traveled to Mexico. We celebrated my quinceañera, and I think that’s something that everyone likes, but the point is the lack of things that people have. When the girl asks for her party, the most likely answer is, “There’s not enough money.” It is extremely sad when you know that your daughter wants a party, she wants to feel she is old and you can’t afford enough to make a simple party.

When I first got to Mexico, everything looked so simple so weird, I know it isn’t a good thing to think about your country, but I went two years without visiting, and it felt like a whole new place.

When I was in the airport, there was this loud and busy language, and you could say everything was so Mexican. When I was in the airport there was this police officer talking to American people. I just liked the idea that they give themselves time to go and visit such a beautiful place, but then I just heard the police officer ask the woman if she knew Spanish, to which she said no, and the police gave this nasty and ugly answer of “If you are in Mexico, you need to learn Spanish.” That isn’t true. People are just copying quotes from others; this isn’t respectful. The woman answered calmly, but that kind of things shouldn’t be said.

I think everyone has the desire to buy something, but in Mexico I notice there’s so much lack of everything. When I first was going to take a shower, it was funny because the water from the bathroom shower was so little of what I am used to. People could say that is normal, but it was a little amount of water coming out, and then some people get tubs with hot water to shower themselves.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez stayed with her grandmother in Mexico in February.

Columnist Lizbeth Alvarez stayed with her grandmother in Mexico in February.

When I was getting to my house I saw so many other little houses that were made of wood and plastic – you could actually see the bags of plastic used as their windows. The sad thing about these people living in these houses is that they are old, almost everyone is an old person, an old person who doesn’t have the strength to get up and go work and  get some money. These people need help from their government what they are not getting.

I’m not going to say they lived around giant buildings and around a lot of population because that isn’t true, this is a far place from the town, but I guess either way the government has to have an idea that these people exist.

Shortcomings are everywhere, and people need help.