Aztecs talk about police brutality

police-sirens-1254127Opinion Column

Ali Flores, Aztec Voice

It’s a very interesting topic to talk about when it comes to police brutality. It may not look like it’s happening around us, but it is, and it’s getting mostly out of control in some states. Something that shocked the nation, including the kids from Alta Vista, was when police brutally killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. People around the country have taken action on doing a peaceful protest.

Isao Osuga, algebra teacher: “I think that police brutality is a product of a system of oppression that is design to keep the order and things functioning the way they were designed to function – which is to perpetuate the power white males in America have. I believe that there’s indisputable evidence that this is the case, and the sad thing is that people think this is a new thing but is has been said multiple times. Violence against people of color is not a new thing, the new thing is that now we have cameras and we can document and put it on Facebook. There is no doubt… there is no doubt that it is charged against people of color.”

Junior Clara Odette: “The extortion of police power is a huge problem. What I’m saying is that the system itself is insulting people. The system was purposely set up to make us people of color fail, it’s been set up against us since day one. I’m not saying that police are bad, but what they represent is. The police academy only does six months of training, and you’re certified to be a trained officer. I feel like they should extend that, because how come it takes an officer six months to learn the law they swore to protect, but it takes a lawyer nine years?”

Junior Alicia Flores: “I feel like it’s an unjust discrimination and racist to people of skin color. Yes it targets minorities, and its prejudice level and social contract that we have as a stereotype over the years that minority people are more aggressive,  which is not very true is just a journalisation, face the consequences and help then.”

Social studies teacher Greg Brenner: “It sucks. It is a definitely disgusting problem, probably because they’re the problem, honestly because they’re the ones we are suppose to rely on when there’s a problem, but now they are becoming the problem.”

As I talked to my fellow classmates and teachers of Alta Vista High school, I notice a lot of frustration as they were talking. The way they view police brutality is in a negative way; they look at it as wrong – as in the system has us people of color suppressed as a target.


American or Alien? Finding a balance on immigrant perceptions

Many undocumented people are thought of as either illegals or legals. This should not be the case; people who emigrate from other places, mainly Mexicans should not be called illegal but hard working people looking for a better future. People either call immigrants Americans in the making or aliens that can easily be deported. We should all treat immigrants as Americans and not have anger or discriminate against them.

Although many immigrants will get the opportunity to have a citizenship they have to be aware that not everything can change from day to night. Many have to acknowledge how much work it will take and how much support they need to add so things happen.

To me all immigrants should be classified Americans not just illegals or legals. They need to be recognized has humble people working for a better life, doing no harm. What would happen if you were to move to another country and be the outlier or the one who does not fit in and everybody looks weird at?

This is how immigrants feel every day. Most of them come from Mexico and they come to the U.S temporarily. This means they are not looking forward to becoming a citizen or taking your job. Since us Americans have more advantage we have more say and make them feel like they are home. We need them to feel that home can be both here and their original country and they can belong to two nations honorably and be respected in both.

President Obama enforced prosecutorial discretion this summer as a measure to avoid deporting some young people who were brought to this country illegally as children.

This is a huge advantage for many immigrants specially those young immigrants, because they can benefit from many opportunities that are offered to them by the U.S. They can now go to college and have a degree. But they should stick this in their mind, these things they are doing for immigrants are exceptions, not rules which means the government can throw everything down the drain. So we have to keep on doing what we do and not have a bad behavior which can ruin everything for Mexicans.

I am benefiting from this. In the future I want to become a Mechanical Engineer. I was brought to the U.S at the age of 7. When Obama passed the new law I was very excited because I can now show what I am made of and go to college and prove those criticizing people that think immigrants can’t be something bigger than a crop picker.

The main thing Americans have to do is take action and be more open minded. They need to be more open minded and put themselves in an immigrants shoe and realize how hard life can be when you are an immigrant. So lets open our eyes and support people not hurt them more, because they are suffering enough already.