Homecoming pleases dancers and planners

Senior Mariela Celaya mans the front door with Ms. Werp.

Senior Mariela Celaya mans the front door with Ms. Werp.

Abby Moreno, Conexión Azteca

Alta Vista had its third annual homecoming dance on September 26. One-third of the school came to dance the night away. After a week if showing pep and school spirit, students were awarded with a dance planned by senior Mariela Celaya and language arts teacher Kirsten Werp.

“[Ms. Werp and I] basically took a day to plan the whole thing,” Celaya said. “I’m glad it turned out alright!”

During that whole day, Celaya and Werp came up with the theme “All That Glitters is Gold.” They decided to charge tickets $4 before the event and $5 dollars at entry.

During the dance, DJ Luis played a mix of many different song genres to entertain the crowd. Among the crowd at the dance was junior Maria Marquez.

“I was glad I was able to dance with some of my friends,” Marquez said. “I just wish more people could have came.”

Junior Elissa Thlocco also attended the dance. She said she loved the clever theme and the amazing decor. [Ask for decor]

“It was a great opportunity to hang out with my friends and to just have fun,” Elissa Thlocco said. “It was a great way to start off the year along with Spirit Week.”

Her younger sister, sophomore Lorena Thlocco, also turned up (or popped up) as well and said she enjoyed it. “It was fun, I had an amazing time! I danced so much, my feet hurt the next day!”

Many people said that they had fun, but they say more people should have come.

“We were hoping to get more people to come, but it’s only the beginning.” Celaya said. “People will warm up to the school and hopefully they’ll come next time.”

Volleyball sees profound improvement

Senior Mariel Fierro sets the ball while playing Cristo Rey on Oct. 9.

Senior Mariel Fierro sets the ball while playing Cristo Rey on Oct. 9.

Martin Munoz, Conexión Azteca

Better hitting, better focus… just better overall.  According to Alta Vista’s volleyball coach, Teresa Rodriguez, these are ways the team has improved from last year, and players agree.

“The team is bonding more than last year. We knew going in what we had to improve on, since there was the same amount of people in the team,” said Alta Vista senior and volleyball player Angelica Rosales.

The volleyball team is playing better than last year, winning many more games.

“We have only lost two or three games this year, unlike last year [when]we only won one game and lost all the others,” Rosales said.

There have been also some changes to team

“The team actually has to show up to practice, and if you are not truly committed to the team, you are kicked out,” senior Mariel Fierro said.

“We are actually focusing more on the stuff we need to improve on, like at first there [were] some girls who didn’t know how to serve, so we spent about 10 minutes at the beginning of practice each day; now every girl knows how to,” Rosales said.

However the team has not changed much in numbers

“There were a lot of girls at first, but they got kicked out of the team because of commitment,” Rosales said.

“We did have an increase; however, we had to let those girls go because of commitment, so we asked [them] to try out for next year,” Rodriguez said

The girls feel great being on the team.

“It feels good being in the team because it does. I don’t know why,” Fierro said.

“It’s great being in the volleyball team. Everyone gets along. It feels better than being in any other team,” Rosales said.

Senior mentorship program enters second year

Senior Elsa Cardenas enjoys a catered lunch with her mentor, Kristin Werp.

Senior Elsa Cardenas enjoys a catered lunch with her mentor, Kristin Werp.

Abby Moreno, Conexión Azteca

Seniors have a whole school year ahead of them before they take off in their lives. Since they are still learning how to set their futures by going to college, Alta Vista has provided them mentors as guides to work with each individual student and work.

“I like the mentorship program because senior seminar doesn’t cover how to handle the emotions that come with finishing high school,” senior Kathy Ayala said. She and her mentor, speech teacher Jordan Johnson, plan on meeting each others’ families. Johnson would like to talk with her parents about opportunities for Ayala’s future.

“I feel like one’s mentor becomes more of a friend, and that’s such a comforting feeling,” Ayala said.

Seniors chose their mentors by taking a survey and ranking their top administrators and vice versa. “I analyzed those and made the matches,” Data and Systems Analyst Nathania Cha said. During Spirit Week, on “Wacky-Tacky Wednesday,” seniors stayed after school and played a matching game to find their assigned mentors.

“Mentorships can become life-long relationships,” Cha said. “[They] are just another caring person that is willing to help and guide the mentee when needed.”

“The point of having a mentor is to have someone to talk to not only about college and school but for personal things as well,” Ayala said. “I know me and Johnson are gonna get along fine.”

We’ve got spirit – do you?

Ed Mendez, Kristen Werp, Bobbie McMillan, and Keith Schoen are all dressed for spirit day.

Ed Mendez, Kristen Werp, Bobbie McMillan, and Keith Schoen are all dressed for spirit day.

Martin Munoz, Conexión Azteca

Cheerleaders cheering, dance club members dancing, crowd cheering, ice dousing teachers, the soccer team running, volleyball team running, band playing music. All of these were at Alta Vista’s pep rally Sept. 2, as well the winners of spirit day announced, .

“Spirit Week is a nice way to feel more relaxed, and personalities come out especially around the beginning of the school year,” math teacher Connor Nowalk said.

“Spirit Week is a good way to show how much students and staff like the school,” sophomore Tania Viera said.

AV’s annual Spirit Week occurred during the third week of the school year.

“It is nice that the school attempts to have a unified celebration,”  senior Stevie Jo Hernandez said.

Students have different favorite spirit days, such as pajama day, wacky tacky day and decades day. “My favorite day was spirit day,” Viera said.

However there are some people  who did not dress up – “mostly seniors,”  senior Guadalupe Chavez observed.

Some people feel that Spirit Week would have been better in the year like in October.  Some would have changed the order of things during Spirit Week.

“It would also be better if the pep rally was at the end of the week not the beginning,” Nowalk said.

Spirit Week usually leads to homecoming, and AV’s Homecoming will be Friday.

“Spirit Week was earlier this year because most schools have it during the beginning of the school year, and two of our big soccer games were during the beginning of the school year,” band teacher Julie Monroe said.

“We should have better days like twin day and hat day,” Chavez said.

The organizers were exited the way Spirit Week turned out.

“Spirit Week was a great way to kick off the school year, and I am starting to see more school spirit,” Munroe said.