L 4-3 Boys’ Soccer v. Van Horn Oct. 1


W 10-0 Boys’ Soccer v. Frontier School Of Excellence Sep. 27

Boys’ soccer begins

IMG_7731by Marisela Salazar, Aztec Voice

On August 20, our Alta Vista soccer boys welcomed in the new season with a win against Odessa High School for the Warrensburg Jamboree. The team is still working hard and anticipating on when they will go head to head with other schools.

“I think we’re really good we have good chemistry,” senior Miguel Franco said. “The boys are like brothers to me; we have great coaches, Ricky and Brenner, definitely gonna miss the team [when I graduate].”

So far, games with Southeast and Cristo Rey have been canceled due to bad weather conditions.

“Really good way to kick off the season, still some stuff we could work on like communication, but other than that the team is doing really well, looking forward to our first official game,” junior Kevin Gonzalez, said.

(Update: On August 30, AV soccer boys won their first official game against Northeast High School.)

Video: Boys’ Soccer v. East High School

Video by Cindy Vega, Aztec Voice


Athletes of AV

by Paola Salazar, Aztec Voice


“I am Edith Marquez. I am 15 years old, and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. This is the first year the school has cross country, so I wanted to try it out. I was too scared to join any sports last year. I thought I wasn’t good enough to play any sports last year. I think this sport will help me improve my stamina and help me be very fit. I think this year is going to be a good year for cross country. Our boys already won 2nd and 9th place at our first meet. We have very good runners, and I want to achieve going to varsity and running many miles, but first I want to work on junior varsity. ”



“I am Stephanie Gonzalez. I am 16 years old. I didn’t play sports last year because I was very shy, and I didn’t know if I was good enough for volleyball. I joined this year because I’ve seen [that] school is almost over, and I want to join before I graduate. Maybe in the future I will learn to get better. I think this year is going to go good because there are very good players, and they put good effort in it and come to all practices. I hope this year goes good.”



“I am David Portillo, and I am 15 years old, and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I decided to play soccer because my family is a big soccer family, and I just generally love soccer. I came to this school to play for the soccer team. This sport will make me successful in the future because I am going to go pro, because I want to be a billionaire. I feel confident, because I know I am good and I am very confident. I started at 7 and I saw it on television and I wanted to play, so I practiced till I got better.”

2017-2018 Boys’ Soccer Schedule

2017-18 Mens Soccer Schedule

Kicking off a new season

Junior Leonel Pina challenged AV alumnus Mauricio Cordero for the ball during the AV Alumni soccer game.

Junior Leonel Pina challenged AV alumnus Mauricio Cordero for the ball during the AV Alumni soccer game.

Christian Johnson, Aztec Voice

It’s unbelievable how much a ball and goal can change someone’s life. Soccer is one of the most important sports at Alta Vista. It’s not just a sport to the students here, but a lifestyle – a dream.

This past week, the soccer team had a game against some of the past alumni It was a close loss, but the team still gave it all they had.

Soccer player and sophomore Javier Blanco said, “A loss is a loss, but we are going to work hard as a team to make it to state this year.”

Hard work and dedication are the best words to describe the Alta Vista soccer team. Junior Marquan Pennington said, “Osuga is my biggest motivator. He’s always telling us what to do when we’re struggling, but we all as a team encourage each other to never give up and work hard.”

Many other soccer teams don’t put in the time and effort to get to know one another. They usually look for someone with skill so they can win games, but that’s not a good idea because someone who has talent but no discipline can’t and won’t be able to work with the team.

A team with order, discipline and character is a team who’s most likely to succeed. The team must be able to communicate in order to win games and be a good sport in the game. Players must have good teamwork because someone who thinks only about themselves will bring the whole team down.

Alta Vista sport teams get close and consider each other as family.

Boys’ soccer kicks off season with improvement

Coach Isao Osuga encourages the boys' soccer team at the end of a recent game.

Coach Isao Osuga encourages the boys’ soccer team at the end of a recent game.

Andrea Figueroa, Conexión Azteca reporter

The boys’ soccer team is off to a good start this season.

“We have won two games and lost one,” said Coach Isao Osuga.

The team and coaches are excited about the tournament next week.

“I expect it to go well and us taking the win and playing state,” Osuga said.

Freshman Cristian Guzman shared his enthusiasm.

“I think we are doing pretty good we are winning. This year we have teamwork something that people said we didn’t have. We also as a team want to win the districts,” Guzman said.

Seniors Victor Andrade feels good about his last season with the Aztecs.

“So this is it,” Andrade said. “It’s my last year playing, and I’m going to give it my all and try and get a scholarship for soccer.”

Andrade added that the boys are showing a lot of teamwork and that the freshmen are really good.

“We are doing so much better this year,” he said. “I can already see that we are going to improve a lot and win a lot of games! We are also working as a team – something that we didn’t really have. We also have a lot of new soccer players that are great and know what they are doing and want!”

Boys’ Soccer Schedule – Fall 2015

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*Home Field is at 9th Street and Van BruntBoys' Soccer Schedule August 2015

Boys' Soccer Schedule September 2015

Boys' Soccer Schedule September 2015

Final game results in tears

Sophomore Nixon Chavarria sweeps away the ball from a Pembroke Hill player in the final game of the Aztecs' season.

Sophomore Nixon Chavarria sweeps away the ball from a Pembroke Hill player in the final game of the Aztecs’ season.

Bernice Gurrola and Andrea Martinez, Conexión Azteca

It was a cloudy and chilly afternoon as the players fought to win the district championship. The atmosphere at the game had grown tense due to the perceived referees unfairness. The crowd was losing it as the players stressed out on the soccer field.

On Oct. 30, the Alta Vista boys’ soccer team played against Pembroke Hill, ending the season with a loss of 2-4 in front of teachers, friends and family.

“It was fun and people were cheering, but it was also very intense due to the referees,” math teacher Connor Nowalk said.

The emotion led to the team players receiving several yellow cards. According to Alta Vista’s soccer coach Isao Osuga, the players managed to control their frustration and didn’t take it out on each other like he would expect them to, since at that point the players normally start blaming each other.

“The game on Tuesday took a lot out of us because we really didn’t have enough time to prepare for Thursday’s game against Pembroke. It was a combination of being tired, and we played a really good team,” Osuga said.

The outcome of the last game interfered with a lot of the players’ emotions and resulted in tears.

“We should’ve won the game because we tried our best, but there are some things that we can’t control, like the referees, which is what kept us from winning,” senior Edwin Ramirez said.

Out of four years of coaching the Alta Vista players, Osuga felt like this last game was one of the best.

“It was the best game out of all my years coaching because we created a family at that point; we won together, and we lost together,” Osuga said.

According to Osuga, they had hope, which led the players to give it all on the field.

“We believed that we could do it and pull it off. Therefore, it was one of the most important games that we have ever played. It meant a lot to many of the players,” Osuga said.